Friday, September 18

In a flash

Sorry for the brief blogging hiatus! Just submitted my UCAS application this afternoon at Uni Ed; I'm applying for biomedical engineering at Oxford, Imperial, UCL, Sheffield and Glasgow, wish me luck! According to the edu counsellor, the offer (or lack thereof) will be made in 3 or 4 weeks!! So fast can die.

Anyway this monday we used our Chocettes Championship prize for buffet lunch at Shogun, click here for complete album :)

1st round (the abalone was not tender enough but unagi slices tasted pretty good!)

2nd round (moist chocolate cake was yummy! the mochi--pink and yellow ones on far left-was tasty also)

Teck Hong's sushi plate

Fruit cocktail ^^

Oh ya Suat Hoon and I helped Chai Cheen in baking a frozen cheese cake (note the irony) for her bf's b'day. Click here for full recipe. (we modified digestive biscuits to oreo biscuits!)

after adding peach slices (we ate almost half a can's worth of peaches in the process o.O)

Suat Hoon though of placing orange slices in the middle! Too bad we didn't have strawberry...

After putting orange jelly

End result; very delectable indeed!

And we bought a "group T-shirt" after the buffet, and received confused glances from people at college when we wore it, and it was damn funny when I spotted someone saying "Did you see their T-shirts said" through clenched teeth to his friends..XD

Serious version

BFFs version

"Chuan" version

Da tou tie... 1st time with 9 people! It'll be a great college memory *sobs*

This week passed by in a flash, and next week will be even quicker with 3 mock exams coming up! Gotta do some revision :)


Melissa said...

Hey tze hui, really ambitious choices indeed. Which uni is your 1st choice? Do reply ya. Hv stuffs 2 ask u. Thanks and all the best!

Tze Hui said...

Melissa: erm the top unis? obviously i'm aiming for scholarships or else i can't afford UK :)

u applying for UK too? email me la,