Tuesday, September 8

Zebra Cake- 2nd attempt and success!

Just finished writing my personal statement (FINALLY, after a long period of fickle mindedness, I finally chose to apply for biomedical engineering for UCAS) so I'm pretty exhausted for words... So here are pics to fill you in! Recipe from Lily's Wai Sek Hong; awesome food blog! For full recipe click here.

I know I sound like a total failure, but in my history of baking cakes, none has ever risen this high!

It looked pretty distorted after it was done... anyone knows why?
But at least it was damn spongy!
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Ok going to sleep now ^^
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1 comment:

Josh E Wawa said...

I want cake!!

lol, how've you been?
I thought I was a good pastry chef,
but I see more then I expect of myself.. haha.

Fedex me some yeah..
get back to me. =)