Wednesday, September 30

It's Graduation, once again

The maddening impulse to constantly take pictures has taken the class by storm! Almost like the atmosphere during Form 5 graduation, just that there are fewer classmates (and somewhat closer bonds!) this time round :)

At Inti Cafeteria with Mama (Will be remembered for its cheap food and blur-yet-cute uncle ^^)

At Lynn's Cafe, opposite Station 1 Subang (furthest we've went on foot I think)

Class of S2 with Bio lecturer Dr Chan

with Kaykay

doing beauty pageant poses

And once again, I get to show off my "unique" skills, if you know what I mean -_-"

And Suat Hoon n A Loo, 2 people that we should've "menjodohkan" earlier!

A2 is around a month away (exact starting date: 28th Oct o.O) but we're SO not in the mood to study this week; It's the END of my college life wei... But anyway we are DEFINITELY not camera-shy people.. Wan Ying says we have a total of 1777 pics up to date!

Terribly excited and anticipating tomorrow's activities!

p.s. felt a little dizzy around 6.20pm today, and I swore that I was rocking back and forth! turns out there WAS an earthquake in Indonesia...scary..
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