Tuesday, February 2

Bored + Lonely = Binge eating!

Initially I was planning on doing a post on work; but then again my job aspects have been somewhat altered of late; which made me decide that I'll write about this AFTER I quit ^^

But honestly with work, time flies. After work, that is. It's like I go home, surf the Net, bathe, have dinner, chat on msn and it's already time to hit the sack. And occasionally fit in a movie or read a chapter or two (I'm still on the Lovely Bones! I'm reading at snail-speed T.T)

And I subconsciously typed "lik" instead of "like"! What does this mean??? Most probably will sit for IELTS soon so I'll have to take note if my English starts going downhill o.O

Miss Taiwan, miss college friends, and feeling terribly emo right now. Luckily SH stopped by a few hours back for 2 hours of pillow talk; I'm in desperate need of a social life; eg chatting with people my age. Today a Std 1 year old gal asked me "Teacher, you got boyfriend or not?" LOL, apparently she wanted to intro me to her male teacher who's around 19/20 yrs old HAHA

Okay! On the bright side I'll be going Inti next week so hopefully we'll have a more successful gathering! Compared with the one a few days back at mid valley T.T

I seriously need to practice smiling in front of the mirror.


Till I'm feeling better,
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Lazaholic said...

When you taking IELTS wo??

Tze Hui said...

dunno le.. soon la.. cz my dad thinks tat sending in my IELTS results 2 the uk ppl will make them faster decide whether they want me in their uni anot (UCL & imperial)

so i think mostly in march, after CNY