Wednesday, February 17


I know I sound like a rich tai-tai chun gu (In Manglish: kampung girl) flaunting her possessions but guess what sis got me as a present for my A Level results XD


A PRADA set of perfume + tissue (???) + lotion!

Apparently Prada in UK is about 50% cheaper than sold elsewhere. LOL sorry I know I should be more discreet. And subtle. But the thing is saya tak tahu guna perfume T.T Some people say you're supposed to spray it high in the air before you and then walk into it. Is this true??

And sadly, I will never fit in with the food & wine connoisseurs etc because my sensory organs are pretty much numb and damaged. I cannot tell if the food is over-salty unless people start commenting about the food. Then all my senses seem to come back to me. So I remember once my college friends and I went to Sasa to smell test the perfumes and they all smelled the same to me o.O

Another thing sis bought untuk saya:

Fluff is a US brand but the designs are similar to the brand Lollipop, no?

Anyway. Been watching tons of movies lately... And time indeed crawls by without work! OMG I've been checking facebook too many times a day.

1. August Rush
2. 9
3. The Bucket List
4. Julie & Julia
5. True Legend

August Rush was okay... The whole "music-is-all-around-us-&-we-just-need-to-listen" concept is pretty interesting to watch though the plot is a teensy bit unbelievable, but Freddie Highmore (from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory is so sweet ^^)

9 was lame; apparently it was supposed to be a short movie and they sort of lengthened it to make it into a movie. But the lamest was True Legend; but I guess through this movie I realised Zhou Xun is my fav female Chinese actress! She has this intelligent-cum-pretty look :)

Julie & Julia portrays the parallel lives of Julie (Amy Adams) in the year 2002 and Julia (Meryl Streep) around the 1950 era. About how both women fall in love with cooking; loved this show though didn't like Amy Adams that much.

The Bucket List by Jack Nicholson & Morgan Freeman. Need I say more? Not bad but still, not amazing too.

That's it for now!
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Cover of "Julie & Julia"
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