Wednesday, February 10

Lack of pictures.

I think I'm living in the past.

Today SH, CC, TH and I (the Klang people) went to subang  to go Sunway lepak for the NTU talk back at Inti, which wasn't really a necessary trip. I didn't have to take half day leave for the talk since I could've submitted my application online too (just that I saved postal money since I submitted supporting documents by hand).

Nowadays whenever we make these sort of short trips, we always have a camera in hand. I'm just wondering are we taking pictures to recapture the moments of our totally totally fun & 100% stress-free college life. Making stupid poses and playing lame pranks on passerbys (haha you won't want to know; it's damn lame)

Haha it's just me being emo. Again.

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Wingz said...

I'm lack of pictures too! =D