Saturday, February 13


I guess if you know me well enough, you'd have known that I am one of those hopeless romantics obsessed with "old people love". I just think it's so so sweet to see Ah Kongs and Ah Mas holding hands etc. Oh ya once, I saw an elderly couple riding on a motorbike, with the auntie on the backseat. The wind was in her hair and she had the "I'm the happiest woman in the world" look on her face. LOL! It's like they spent their whole lives with each other somehow merge into one inseparable body, dependent on each other to make it to the next day.


Ah Kong and Ah Ma. Ah Kong has less than 50% of his vision left, while Ah Ma can hardly walk far without physical support. So Ah Kong becomes Ah Ma's walking stick and Ah Ma becomes Ah Kong's eyes. Don't you think they work like one unified body instead of two separate entities? I've never given tribute to them for taking care of me for the past 18++ years. 

Though they've told me the story of my birth 24598435847 times (you know last time you were this small *cupping both hands*) and often dramatize matters (it's 3 something already, faster go bathe la *clock showing 2.30pm =.=*) I love them. And I love that they love each other in ways that I cannot even fathom. So many years together and still not sick of each other! <3


Working with kids (esp 4-year-olds!) is definitely a new experience for me. I have always been taken care of and never EVER socialized with kids. Like I don't know whether making funny faces or acting cute will make them laugh or look at me semacam o.O

But one thing I've learned this that when you give them love and praise, they'll love you back in return. I'm telling you when the kids manja-manja with me, my heart really melts though I'm supposed to be the teacher and give everyone their fair amount of love and sayang (pronounced sa3 yang2.. haha). Their love comes in the purest, most innocent form. Before they start watching Taiwanese dramas and learn up cheesy dialogues and a twisted concept of love grow up and figure out that
  • people are obsessed with physical beauty
  • people usually say things, both good and bad, that they don't mean
Though I'm (still!) celebrating Single Awareness Day this year, I'm looking at it all in a different light. Love has become so "all talk and no action". Telling people you love them through sms. Facebook apps. Apani??

Tell your mom/wife you love her by helping out with new year decoration. Stop fighting with your sis over who gains ownership to the double volume mascara. Help your dad/husband with the painting and listen to his grumbles for another day (*crosses fingers*).

LOVE in its many forms. So what is there to lose?

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