Saturday, February 6


I've stopped using Facebook apps of late (because my computer then operates at snail like pace); and just realized I have nothing much to do online! Forwarded mails seem like a obsolete fad; not to mention, blogs too T.T

But movies never go out of fashion! Just watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and Sherlock Holmes today. Both were fantastic; Cloudy in a laugh out loud, entertaining way and Sherlock Holmes with a witty and CSI-ish sort of appeal; and Robert Downey Jr. is definitely a hunk for his age! *drools*

CNY is around the corner!! Really looking forward to making CNY visits with college friends and going out etc! But since I'm part-timing at the kindergarten's daycare department, pretty stressed out too cause my Std 1 and 2 students are having their exams beginning of march... Haha the first time I'm actually worried about someone else's exam; I feel like a mom le

FINALLY watching Avatar tomorrow! I feel prehistoric.
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