Friday, February 26

Happy (at least I'm trying to be)

Something a friend said has got me thinking. Am I starting to treat this blog as a dumping ground for negative feelings? (eg endless pangs of emo-ness). If you're looking to be uplifted and inspired you should totally check out Katie Sokoler's blog. She's awesome! (I especially loved this post.)

Anyway this year's CNY ended pretty eventless save for the annual home visits among college friends. But somehow last year was so so much more fun! Either it was due to
  • lack of any element of surprise (after being together for 1.5 years we've sort of been to each other's places and got to known our families)
  • lack of wonder (omg last year when we 1st arrived at teckhong's house we were practically screaming our lungs out in the car simply awestruck)
  • lack of traffic jam! (last year there was this major major traffic jam from my place to teckhong's place; across the klang river; around 2 hours I think and we used to joke that it would be faster for BS to balik kampung @ Taiping) during the jam we 3G-ed each other and screamed even more in the car haha
  • lack of use of public transport. Ever since TH and SH almost always have had cars, KTM became sort of a pantang thing; so used to being so comfortable and not having to wait for that oh-so-punctual KTMtrain (which has further changed its timetable to 30 mins per ride! T.T)
  • lack of kakis. Takde Lih Yi and Wan ying!!! Lan sok queen and fastest speaker turned out to be vital.. Miss you guys le....
And also went for HKU scholarship interview last Sunday @ Traders Hotel KL. OMG can you believe the taxi fare from KLCC to the hotel was RM 15??? (was only a 5 min walk) and around 75 people from M'sia were interviewed; Too bad I'm not the outspoken type... Anyway will pray for the best!

Yay tomorrow's a public holiday! No work haha ^^

p.s. congrats to Cheeling for acing her STPM! Good luck with uni application :)

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