Sunday, February 22

Hooked to Prison

I know I'm outdated by four years but I've FALLEN IN LOVE with Prison Break after watching the complete 1st season! (thanks & no thanks to big sis; made me glued to the TV screen for hours & gave me time to bond with my growing waistline -_-")

For those who have shrugged off Prison Break as a TV series that's a guy's show with plenty of vulgarities, violence & unnecessary action, you were like me, BEFORE I started watching the series.

It's actually about a guy, Michael Scofield (starring Wentworth Miller! such a pretty boy) trying to save his brother, Lincoln Burrows from prison after Lincoln was wrongly accused of murder he did not commit. All evidence leads directly to him though, because apparently the government is behind this, and they want Lincoln dead. So who can beat the government? But Hollywood movies do tend to dramatize roles of FBI, Secret Services etc... So

All legal ways of saving Lincoln led to dead ends as all the possible witnesses ended up dead or missing, so Micheal decides to "rob a bank" to get into prison, to get his brother out, who gets executed in a month.

Michael, being a structural engineer knows the prison inside out and even tattooed the blueprint on his body! And so with the help of some other inmates they (FINALLY!) break out of prison at the end of season 1.

The show also sheds some light on the warden-prisoner relationship (which hangs on something called $$) and why some of the convicts end up where they are. The characters are pretty much multi-faceted & dynamic. Except Wentworth Miller though. He's just too perfect and woody for me. Something like Keanu Reeves. But who cares? He's Cute :)

Honestly after watching this I feel like a bimbo watching Gossip Girl, no offense. But really, this show is like Da Vinci Code minus religious controversy, Tom Hanks' thinning hairline plus witty strategies all in the right places.

Go watch it!

Or better, tell me what happened in Season 2 up till now :P

Thursday, February 19

ASD: Attention Seeking Disorder

It rained heavily this afternoon, right before class ended.

We ran out of college wearing lab coats to shield ourselves from the rain, and we ran past Inti guardhouse, Taylors College all the way to Kaykay's car.


omg we must've look funny, like mad scientists on the loose :P

Oh no the fashion police is catching up! Gotta run..!!

ED: UPDATE: For your visual satisfaction.. :)

Sunday, February 15

About growing up... or growing old?

One of my Lifetime Resolutions is to go online only 2 days once, so I won't end up
  • updating my Facebook status every 5 seconds to prove that I have a life
  • unable to conduct intelligent conversations due to over-saturation of Youtube & Gossip Girl (and my way of expressing love will be XOXO-ing all the time)
  • increase my specs power which is already high enough
  • toking lik dis in my blog n lose my spelling ability after msn-ing too much
So I didn't go online yesterday. And when I did, today, I had 30 messages in my email! with 90% of them Facebook-related. See? I'm starting to lose track of life already.

And anyway just came back from watching The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button... and I cried! Like CRIED OUT LOUD after the show was over... And yeah I did get weird stares from my parents -_-"

But it was freaking 2 hrs n 45 mins... Not recommended to those who hate lengthy, zero-action movies. Just go watch Jumper or something.

It was just magical! Or maybe I'm just a bit sensitive watching shows with old people in it... really! I do.

And you get to see how Brat Pitt used to look like, 10 years back. The makeup artist not only suceeded in making him look convincingly old, but also the other way round! He looked HOTHOTHOT

I've got Chem & Physics Test tomorrow! So I'd better read up...

And oh ya Happy Belated to Siet Yin, hope you liked our present to you, and farewell to Sue Fay since you're flying back to Aussie tomorrow :)

Tuesday, February 10

Baby blues

Baby Jaz & her parents just flew back to the US early this morning... And I miss her already T.T

She's just this cute (though occasionally devilish), curious little girl who can't sit still without finding out everything about everyone in the room. And she just has this cute cackle :)

And to imagine the next time I see her she may be running already, or speaking American English (and I'll sound so ulu to her)

At least I still have visual proof that I used to take care of her, in case she denies it when she's older.

But anyway I'll miss you baby Jaz!! And you'd better read this post 10 years later. I'll force you to.

Saturday, February 7

CNY, revisited

Chinese New Year officially comes to an end this coming Monday! So the guilt of wolfing down irresistibly scrumptious CNY cookies & nuts will finally pass... But it also means no more angpows *sobs*

Anyway to pay new year visits among my college friends we had a one-day road trip that totaled to about 72 freaking kilometres!!

Stop #1 : Sungai Buloh, Mama's House
Got there by ktm. About 1.5hrs from Klang

Tired look due to waking up at 5.30 at the morning. I was excited at the thought of money meeting up with friends...

Me likey this pic! Guess who was the photographer...

Pole pole on the floor, whose shoes are greenest of them all? (lol lame caption. my funny bone just got dislocated.)

Just as I was doing this emo pose Mama's neighbour came over to visit Mama's granny.... She must've thought Mama has weird, weird friends :P

Mama's barbie collection! I think mine are either collecting dust/given out to relatives after watching one too many freaky movies of murderous dolls -_-"

Trying out Mama's Panasonic hairstyler in her room

From left: Lih Yi, Me, Bee Shuang, Suat Hoon, Chai Cheen.

Stop #2 : Bandar Sri Damansara, Kay Kay's House
Her house is so squeaky clean you can just stand there & slip & fall... and her sis was going to mop the floor...again....

Oh please ignore my fat shoulders. Just concentrate on my white bag strap or Mama's cute face or something.

Then it was off to:
See something familiar in the backdrop?

Stop #3 : Ampang, Lih Yi's House-cum-shoplot

Lih yi finally played a piano piece (actually only about 10 bars) for us after continuous pestering

A banana-giving ceremony held for no particular reason

Lih Yi's room that looks more like a library. She never throws her books away... She even kept her kindergarten books!

Finally, the longest route, from Ampang to Klang.

Plus, all of us were stuck in Klang traffic jam for more than an hour, just to get to:

Stop #4 : Taman Eng Ann, Teck Hong's House-cum-king's mansion

All of us in total shock. We knew it was big, but never THAT big.

OMGOMGOMG suddenly all of us wanted to marry Teck Hong.

Even the dog looks rich...

At one of the living rooms...

And you can stop reading now unless you are in love with us camwhores.

Oh no we are stuck in a rich man's house... save us from all the luxury, comfort, opulence, grandeur....

From left: 2 Bond Girls, Me acting sexy but ending up looking like someone with muscle cramp, 2 people who are trying to prove that they are tall enough, 2 in best friends pose

Another victim of the mansion

We look like we're below KLCC or something

Trying to sabotage Teck Hong's auto gate so we can stay overnight

Okay so that's all!

Thursday, February 5

Joy, Satisfaction & Anger rolled into one

You know I never really thought I could be good with kids. I get bullied by them all the time, and if I fight back, they cry and wail for their mummy. It's like the deadliest form of blackmail.

But surprisingly my (one & only) niece likes me!! wheee...

And kudos to my mom for taking such good care of the baby these few days! (my bro and sis in law are currently in Hong Kong now, will be back tomorrow)

It's definitely NOT easy:
  • entertaining the baby. Jaz has good taste in jokes. If you pull the same silly face two times in a row, she doesn't fall for it.
  • ensuring her safety. She has these really strong pair of legs. I bet she would win the Baby Olympics at taekwondo or something. she can crawl from one side of the couch to the other in just like 3 seconds!
  • feeding her. She's 10 months old but doesn't like to eat! And I thought only young people are obsessed about getting bulimic!
  • putting her to sleep. She's a light sleeper and wakes up at the slightest noise. And there's a mosque just 1 min away from my house, so...
But anyway you know sometimes I guess it's important to FEEL like you mean something to someone. I mean, cause you can get the most genuine response from a baby. It doesn't know how to fake a smile (yet.)

And today I came clean with a friend about how I felt!

So anyway just so you know.

I don't mind people making jokes about my height (which is not very impressive, unless Hobbits are the "IN" thing) but don't ever cross the line.

There is a difference between "Hey, it's just a joke, re-LAX." and "Haha I'll just make jokes about your height all the time since you don't seem to mind at all"

I'm just saving you some face lest I release all my wrath, anger (and spit) on you, and in front of everyone. I am just tolerating and being less sensitive about it. I HATE it when friends betray my trust.


Updated note: I've posted a password protected post on my other site, and i've sent the password to some of you...

If I missed u out just email me or something!

Monday, February 2

Okay, maybe not.

I'm just terribly inconsistent and indecisive!

FYI, I've decided to return to my old blog over at blogger, and only use the wordpress blog if I wanna write some password protected posts.

My choice to continue with blogger disebabkan oleh:
  1. Wordpress very complicated.
  2. Wordpress tak boleh letak ads. (And I already have freaking RM 9.50 already! Meagre, but I'm determined to get the cheque from Nuffnang, no matter how long it'll take.)
  3. Wordpress cannot letak Cbox.
  4. Blogger is simpler. (haha yeah redundant with reason no.1, I know)
  5. The picture uploading is faster and easier using Blogger.
  6. Not many people know that I've changed to wordpress. (what will happen to my swarming hoard of fans readers?)
So cutting the crap, I'm back! But the blog layout may experience a major revamp, just wait and see la :)