Thursday, February 5

Joy, Satisfaction & Anger rolled into one

You know I never really thought I could be good with kids. I get bullied by them all the time, and if I fight back, they cry and wail for their mummy. It's like the deadliest form of blackmail.

But surprisingly my (one & only) niece likes me!! wheee...

And kudos to my mom for taking such good care of the baby these few days! (my bro and sis in law are currently in Hong Kong now, will be back tomorrow)

It's definitely NOT easy:
  • entertaining the baby. Jaz has good taste in jokes. If you pull the same silly face two times in a row, she doesn't fall for it.
  • ensuring her safety. She has these really strong pair of legs. I bet she would win the Baby Olympics at taekwondo or something. she can crawl from one side of the couch to the other in just like 3 seconds!
  • feeding her. She's 10 months old but doesn't like to eat! And I thought only young people are obsessed about getting bulimic!
  • putting her to sleep. She's a light sleeper and wakes up at the slightest noise. And there's a mosque just 1 min away from my house, so...
But anyway you know sometimes I guess it's important to FEEL like you mean something to someone. I mean, cause you can get the most genuine response from a baby. It doesn't know how to fake a smile (yet.)

And today I came clean with a friend about how I felt!

So anyway just so you know.

I don't mind people making jokes about my height (which is not very impressive, unless Hobbits are the "IN" thing) but don't ever cross the line.

There is a difference between "Hey, it's just a joke, re-LAX." and "Haha I'll just make jokes about your height all the time since you don't seem to mind at all"

I'm just saving you some face lest I release all my wrath, anger (and spit) on you, and in front of everyone. I am just tolerating and being less sensitive about it. I HATE it when friends betray my trust.


Updated note: I've posted a password protected post on my other site, and i've sent the password to some of you...

If I missed u out just email me or something!

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