Thursday, February 19

ASD: Attention Seeking Disorder

It rained heavily this afternoon, right before class ended.

We ran out of college wearing lab coats to shield ourselves from the rain, and we ran past Inti guardhouse, Taylors College all the way to Kaykay's car.


omg we must've look funny, like mad scientists on the loose :P

Oh no the fashion police is catching up! Gotta run..!!

ED: UPDATE: For your visual satisfaction.. :)


callie said...

at least people didn't assume that you guys are flashers. hahaha

*-- Fallen Angel --* said...

LOL. girl, you're so funny...
I've never told you but I really LOVE the way you write things... you make things 10 times more interesting even if it's not.. ^_^
NEVER stop writting, gal...

Tze Hui said...

callie: haha yeah or not real police would've arrested us :P

Fallen Angel: oh dat's soo sweet of you! really thanks for the compliment, will never give up writing, esp blogging! ^^