Monday, February 2

Okay, maybe not.

I'm just terribly inconsistent and indecisive!

FYI, I've decided to return to my old blog over at blogger, and only use the wordpress blog if I wanna write some password protected posts.

My choice to continue with blogger disebabkan oleh:
  1. Wordpress very complicated.
  2. Wordpress tak boleh letak ads. (And I already have freaking RM 9.50 already! Meagre, but I'm determined to get the cheque from Nuffnang, no matter how long it'll take.)
  3. Wordpress cannot letak Cbox.
  4. Blogger is simpler. (haha yeah redundant with reason no.1, I know)
  5. The picture uploading is faster and easier using Blogger.
  6. Not many people know that I've changed to wordpress. (what will happen to my swarming hoard of fans readers?)
So cutting the crap, I'm back! But the blog layout may experience a major revamp, just wait and see la :)


Timmy said...

You know what? I shall just set up two links.

Librainy said...

haha good idea :)

lilzYumiko said...

if you wan to write private posts using blogger,
you can use javascript.
just encrypt the whole post.

but remember to add in
if you want to have some space , in the plain text,
so that when you copy the html code into your new post,
then when u decrypt, it won't look too messy ;D as they will all stick together.

if you don't understand you cant ask me.
but i think you can get it as he listed the steps one by one.
so it's quite easy to understand.