Sunday, February 15

About growing up... or growing old?

One of my Lifetime Resolutions is to go online only 2 days once, so I won't end up
  • updating my Facebook status every 5 seconds to prove that I have a life
  • unable to conduct intelligent conversations due to over-saturation of Youtube & Gossip Girl (and my way of expressing love will be XOXO-ing all the time)
  • increase my specs power which is already high enough
  • toking lik dis in my blog n lose my spelling ability after msn-ing too much
So I didn't go online yesterday. And when I did, today, I had 30 messages in my email! with 90% of them Facebook-related. See? I'm starting to lose track of life already.

And anyway just came back from watching The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button... and I cried! Like CRIED OUT LOUD after the show was over... And yeah I did get weird stares from my parents -_-"

But it was freaking 2 hrs n 45 mins... Not recommended to those who hate lengthy, zero-action movies. Just go watch Jumper or something.

It was just magical! Or maybe I'm just a bit sensitive watching shows with old people in it... really! I do.

And you get to see how Brat Pitt used to look like, 10 years back. The makeup artist not only suceeded in making him look convincingly old, but also the other way round! He looked HOTHOTHOT

I've got Chem & Physics Test tomorrow! So I'd better read up...

And oh ya Happy Belated to Siet Yin, hope you liked our present to you, and farewell to Sue Fay since you're flying back to Aussie tomorrow :)

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