Sunday, February 22

Hooked to Prison

I know I'm outdated by four years but I've FALLEN IN LOVE with Prison Break after watching the complete 1st season! (thanks & no thanks to big sis; made me glued to the TV screen for hours & gave me time to bond with my growing waistline -_-")

For those who have shrugged off Prison Break as a TV series that's a guy's show with plenty of vulgarities, violence & unnecessary action, you were like me, BEFORE I started watching the series.

It's actually about a guy, Michael Scofield (starring Wentworth Miller! such a pretty boy) trying to save his brother, Lincoln Burrows from prison after Lincoln was wrongly accused of murder he did not commit. All evidence leads directly to him though, because apparently the government is behind this, and they want Lincoln dead. So who can beat the government? But Hollywood movies do tend to dramatize roles of FBI, Secret Services etc... So

All legal ways of saving Lincoln led to dead ends as all the possible witnesses ended up dead or missing, so Micheal decides to "rob a bank" to get into prison, to get his brother out, who gets executed in a month.

Michael, being a structural engineer knows the prison inside out and even tattooed the blueprint on his body! And so with the help of some other inmates they (FINALLY!) break out of prison at the end of season 1.

The show also sheds some light on the warden-prisoner relationship (which hangs on something called $$) and why some of the convicts end up where they are. The characters are pretty much multi-faceted & dynamic. Except Wentworth Miller though. He's just too perfect and woody for me. Something like Keanu Reeves. But who cares? He's Cute :)

Honestly after watching this I feel like a bimbo watching Gossip Girl, no offense. But really, this show is like Da Vinci Code minus religious controversy, Tom Hanks' thinning hairline plus witty strategies all in the right places.

Go watch it!

Or better, tell me what happened in Season 2 up till now :P


HOO YIK YANG said...

this series sure very very nice
didnt really watch becaue??

no time??

i know it is great!!

nice to meet you, pass by^^

Tze Hui said...

yeah nice to meet you too :)

stop by more often ya!