Saturday, February 7

CNY, revisited

Chinese New Year officially comes to an end this coming Monday! So the guilt of wolfing down irresistibly scrumptious CNY cookies & nuts will finally pass... But it also means no more angpows *sobs*

Anyway to pay new year visits among my college friends we had a one-day road trip that totaled to about 72 freaking kilometres!!

Stop #1 : Sungai Buloh, Mama's House
Got there by ktm. About 1.5hrs from Klang

Tired look due to waking up at 5.30 at the morning. I was excited at the thought of money meeting up with friends...

Me likey this pic! Guess who was the photographer...

Pole pole on the floor, whose shoes are greenest of them all? (lol lame caption. my funny bone just got dislocated.)

Just as I was doing this emo pose Mama's neighbour came over to visit Mama's granny.... She must've thought Mama has weird, weird friends :P

Mama's barbie collection! I think mine are either collecting dust/given out to relatives after watching one too many freaky movies of murderous dolls -_-"

Trying out Mama's Panasonic hairstyler in her room

From left: Lih Yi, Me, Bee Shuang, Suat Hoon, Chai Cheen.

Stop #2 : Bandar Sri Damansara, Kay Kay's House
Her house is so squeaky clean you can just stand there & slip & fall... and her sis was going to mop the floor...again....

Oh please ignore my fat shoulders. Just concentrate on my white bag strap or Mama's cute face or something.

Then it was off to:
See something familiar in the backdrop?

Stop #3 : Ampang, Lih Yi's House-cum-shoplot

Lih yi finally played a piano piece (actually only about 10 bars) for us after continuous pestering

A banana-giving ceremony held for no particular reason

Lih Yi's room that looks more like a library. She never throws her books away... She even kept her kindergarten books!

Finally, the longest route, from Ampang to Klang.

Plus, all of us were stuck in Klang traffic jam for more than an hour, just to get to:

Stop #4 : Taman Eng Ann, Teck Hong's House-cum-king's mansion

All of us in total shock. We knew it was big, but never THAT big.

OMGOMGOMG suddenly all of us wanted to marry Teck Hong.

Even the dog looks rich...

At one of the living rooms...

And you can stop reading now unless you are in love with us camwhores.

Oh no we are stuck in a rich man's house... save us from all the luxury, comfort, opulence, grandeur....

From left: 2 Bond Girls, Me acting sexy but ending up looking like someone with muscle cramp, 2 people who are trying to prove that they are tall enough, 2 in best friends pose

Another victim of the mansion

We look like we're below KLCC or something

Trying to sabotage Teck Hong's auto gate so we can stay overnight

Okay so that's all!


Wingz said...

Walau eh!!
Tech Hong house is damnnnnnn BIG..
Should ask him to give more angpau..LOL..=D

callie said...

eh eh. missed by a few person eh. where's sweat and wan ying?

Tze Hui said...

wingz: yeah too bad all his brothers not married yet.. =P

callie: sweat was going to celebrate her friend's b'day that day, n wan ying was off 2 meet her bf for the weekend...