Thursday, January 29


Hi everyone!

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Sunday, January 25

Garden, say Gaaar-Duhn

That was the first word that I taught baby Jaz 2 days ago!

And heck, I never realized taking care of a baby for 4 hrs straight with my mom can be more tiring than going from Klang to Subang to Puduraya and back again in one day. It's like I don't even dare lose sight of her for one second, just in case she puts anything dangerous, or gross, (like poop!) into her mouth...

I digress but seriously! My bro (Jaz's dad), found me once holding my own poop-filled diaper in my hands looking pretty perplexed in my baby years. But what I did with it remains a mystery till now :)

My parents entertaining the baby.. The camera in my samsung phone takes a while to capture the image, hence the blurriness

To prove that babies look a lot larger in photos.

Trying to mencungkil her bakat at piano, but apparently she was more interested in pulling the music book off the piano. For me to pick it up and put it back up again. I believe she might be secretly mocking me for being such a slave to her.

Finally! The baby falls asleep.

Aww my first camwhore session with Jaz! Lesson #2 should be about staring straight into the camera and stop fidgeting

Caught with her clothes off! Oh, the obscenity! The vulgarity!

I just found this exceptionally sweet =) Jaz on her dad's shoulders.

So anyway, Happy Chinese New Year everyone! May the married be more generous with angpows and the rest be on a 拜年 (bai nian/pay New Year Calls) frenzy and soak in the seasonal cheer (though that phrase sounds so Christmassy)


Oh ya remember I wanted to start a wordpress blog? It's ALMOST ready... go check it out at and tell me what you think!

Monday, January 19

Busy busy bee

life has been a tad hectic, since it's nearing CNY and my sis came back from Singapore with her boyfriend (check previous posts for his pic) and my bro is coming back tomorrow from the US!! With my sis in law and their baby daughter, Jiawen (about 10 mths old)... Undeniably my dad is the happiest; he has been dreaming (night & day) of holding the baby in his arms since forever (okay la not forever, just 10 months ago)

And today after college my sis and I went Sunway Pyramid!! For some sisterly bonding, and in a way making up for lost time. It's a miracle we pretty much click even with a 12 year gap :)

And it was my 1st try at ice skating! (yes, I do have a life. although i've never skated for the past 17 years of my life. its NOT pathetic/sad okay)

Okay pretty tired now... will update another time. I didn't take pics of the skating because we were too absorbed in balancing ourselves (my sis did it a few times already though)

And oh no!

We overindulged at A&W with a Coney Dog + Double scoop ice cream waffle + 2 floats + fries!

So we're planning a hula hoop competition later. Hopefully it works.

But the guilt.... make it go away....

Why can't guys just like girls who are plump/chubby?

Or else girls wouldn't even bother dieting I'm telling you.

Friday, January 16

Oh no i think my heart just dropped out.

Tiffany just called me, sobbing while telling me that she was going to board the plane to Aussie already.

I was the last person (i think) to talk to her, besides her family, today, on Malaysian ground.

I guess reality sinks in the the very last minutes. It never really seemed that real before.

And suddenly I just feel unbelievably devastated, and at loss of words.

Tiffany, gone, a different life, a different city. Almost forever, and never being the same.

Someone please teach me how to let go.

Thursday, January 15

Hugs & Kisses. Gatherings & Goodbyes.

Doesn't it feel weird growing up?

Sometimes you feel it when you're chatting with an old primary schoolmate. About how sadistically-inclined some of the schoolteachers are. Or about how boys in primary school used to cry a lot. and all the time. and now they're all tall (not everyone though) and grown up. About how different everyone is now. Teacher's pets, grown-up wannabes, book nerds (mememe!!), tech geeks all finding their place in the world.

How UPSR seemed to have never existed and the word "SPM" doesn't send a shiver down your spine anymore. School rules that seem to be so unnecessary and controlling all of a sudden. (eg fringe cannot reach eyebrow level!! Socks must be above ankle!!)

How jokes you share with friends are less about cartoons/imaginary stuff and more about other people. And how vulgarity and eroticism are now equally thought to be funny.

It's also the way of carrying yourself. Just think of the times during family gatherings when we could just sit there, act bored and no one would bother. But now it's like obligation to create small talk. We have to be eloquent. Charismatic. Outspoken. Proactive. And, to some extent, pretentious.

Do I actually have to say "wah, Auntie XX... your necklace so nice ah.. where you buy one?" when I actually think it's like some Stone Age artifact? Why say something when I don't even mean it?

Sometimes it's when you realize your friends are leaving home, one by one, pursuing their dreams/their parents dreams (which are 2 different things!!). How they may never look back, or even return to your life unexpectedly.

There was a mini farewell for Tiffy at Sakae Sushi, Sunway Pyramid this Tues, with Grace & Elaine.

Tiffy, I know you read my blog so I won't get too mushy here in case people get confused about my sexual orientation (for the record I like guys! cute ones of course)

So just wanna wish you all the best in Down Under and hopefully we'll never run out of conversation for the next 50 years. And we still can laugh at the same things we do now and be wacko just because we want to.

Keep in touch and thanks a billion for all the memories! I really will miss you!!

xoxoxoxoxoxoxo (hugs and kisses Tiffy until out of breath and Tiffy wipes saliva away from cheek)

Take care...

from tzehui :)

Friday, January 9

omg it's 2009 already!

and it has been one week of college! This year there seems to be quite a crowd at the Inti Subang enrolment week, with quite a number of students from China based on their thick accent.

And i figured that college really inspires me; suddenly I'm all hyped up to join Toastmasters Club, which i hope can improve my public speaking (yes, I'm a really shy person *blink blink*) take Chinese for AS in cambridge a levels and choose Dentistry as my lifetime career...

Then after doing some research on the Net, I found out I was still underage for the toastmasters club, besides, most of the members are those who are out at work, not students and definitely not midgets like me who could get a child's ticket for movies T.T

as for Chinese language for a levels, I have to translate an english essay into chinese! When in fact I heard that it was easier than form 5 chinese...

and when I told Tiffy I was considering dentistry, she was like "eew, you have to smell people's bad breath every day"...

ok la not EVERYONE has bad breath right? and at least I can talk to people everyday (when I get socially deprived I get all loony easily. and paranoid. trust me.)

and Tiffy said "that's the problem, dentists always try to talk to the patients when we are lying down there with our mouth open, like how are we supposed to answer them?"

(sorry these are not the exact words of Tiffany Foo because I don't save msn messages and I have short term memory. Tiffany Foo Sze Yee, please don't sue me.)

I remembered last time when I went to get my braces tightened, my orthodontist would be really busy talking on the phone + texting on ANOTHER handphone + fix my braces all at the same time!

AND he didn't wear his surgical mask since he was chatting on the phone. AND all his saliva ended up where? as gravity would tell you, it all ended up in my wide open mouth. EWWWW

I'm telling you braces are not to be done without deliberate consideration or based on random notion or 'cause it looks like a cute accessory on your teeth. It can get really, really painful the 1st few days after tightening. So eat more anchovies/ikan bilis/kang hu kia 'cause I heard that they can make sure your teeth stay straight. Or so I've heard.

Sorry no pics for this post and it's a bunch of random, disorganized rambling! I'm trying out different styles of writing, and partially 'cause I'm really tired and lazy of posting pics and I'm having sore throat now, so. And by the way still no mood to study.

so how was your 1st week of the year?

Sunday, January 4

Penang 3D2N

Actually the trip to Penang brought back lil' bits & pieces of memories from my 5S2 class trip two years ago, when we walked all the way from Gurney Drive to Hotel Continental Penang which was a whopping 4 km!!! (not the whole class la. Just 10 not-very-bright-but-overenthusiastic people.)

The 10 not-very-bright-but-overenthusiastic people

Image from Google Map (B: Gurney Drive; A: Our hotel)

So anyway this time around, we stayed at Gurney Hotel, just along the Gurney walk. It's a pretty strategic location since it's only just 10 mins walk away from Gurney Plaza (Sale is still on!! MNG up to 70% off!!) and you can "pak toh" by the gurney walk while enjoying the sea breeze... oh ya read on to find out about my boyfriend *squeals*

Our hotel bathroom. There is actually a BIG window separating the room & the toilet! And this is how it looks when you turn up the blinds... Like how cheesy is that..

Oh ya moving to the next day, where the "heng tai" (Blood brothers) of the groom try to get into the bride's house, where of course they have to get through obstacles set by the "ji mui" (sisters) of the bride first.

And gosh was it a shock for us when the groom came in a..

FRIGGIN' HORSE!!! Not pony you know, HORSE!!

Professing and declaring his love to the bride

The things you do for your friends. After he wore it he was like "wah jin jia tia le" (wah very pain le, in Hokkien. Penang ma.) NOW you know how girls feel when we get our 1st bra.

Soon they managed to enter the house, but they needed to find the key to the bride's room in a bucket full of ice...

Aww... aint that sweet... :) and note the RM 2000 dog at the left corner of the pic. He was wearing a tuxedo too, by the way

The bride(who is my cousin Li Ling!), groom & ex-racehorse

That night the wedding dinner was held at Equatorial Hotel Penang.

My sis & I camwhoring! Pretty isn't she? Don't we just look alike? (say yes say yes *puppy dog eyes*)

And finally.... the moment you've been waiting for...

1st time I'm showing off my boyfriend le...

very paiseh...


*drum roll*









From left: sis's bf (whose name is Tse Hui!), sis, my bf, me


*stifled giggle*


That's my cousin Tze Wei who's cute but just tied the knot in May last year.

Hehe guess you got all geared up for nothing =P

Me trying to get an artsy-fartsy pic of the highway on the way back

That's all for now! College starts tomorrow!! Looking forward to it ^.^

Saturday, January 3

Penang, continued

Just wanted to post some pictures... Anyway now I sangat beria-ia hendak menjadi "ji mui" orang... It's like the most exciting thing a girl can do on a wedding day... besides getting married of course =)

The pics were actually taken yesterday. The "ji mui" pics will be posted tomorrow... and we checked out some of the facilities there... They even have foosball, archery & table tennis, and of course swimming pool la...

Hey I didn't tamper with the dart ok... It was my closest hit.. But now my arm is damn sore T.T
"View from our hotel, lazy to rotate
i've always wanted to do this =P
dad checking out the wifi connection

Friday, January 2

Blogging from Penang

Sadly I'm not popular enough for people to actually bother that I'm live blogging -_-"


My cousin Li Ling's dog... He's a mix between a Maltese & King something... He's a pet dog and not a guard dog... that's why he jumps and profusely licks everyone he sees. And yeah he was bought from Aussie... costing about RM 2000. And later he's going to groom his hair for 40 something ringgit. Talking about royal treatment. I haven't even been to aromatherapy or fish spa or done any facials or liposuction T.T

My dad's laptop, sadly is not Dell Inspiron. But I shouldn't be complaining, I know :)

More updates next time!