Sunday, January 25

Garden, say Gaaar-Duhn

That was the first word that I taught baby Jaz 2 days ago!

And heck, I never realized taking care of a baby for 4 hrs straight with my mom can be more tiring than going from Klang to Subang to Puduraya and back again in one day. It's like I don't even dare lose sight of her for one second, just in case she puts anything dangerous, or gross, (like poop!) into her mouth...

I digress but seriously! My bro (Jaz's dad), found me once holding my own poop-filled diaper in my hands looking pretty perplexed in my baby years. But what I did with it remains a mystery till now :)

My parents entertaining the baby.. The camera in my samsung phone takes a while to capture the image, hence the blurriness

To prove that babies look a lot larger in photos.

Trying to mencungkil her bakat at piano, but apparently she was more interested in pulling the music book off the piano. For me to pick it up and put it back up again. I believe she might be secretly mocking me for being such a slave to her.

Finally! The baby falls asleep.

Aww my first camwhore session with Jaz! Lesson #2 should be about staring straight into the camera and stop fidgeting

Caught with her clothes off! Oh, the obscenity! The vulgarity!

I just found this exceptionally sweet =) Jaz on her dad's shoulders.

So anyway, Happy Chinese New Year everyone! May the married be more generous with angpows and the rest be on a 拜年 (bai nian/pay New Year Calls) frenzy and soak in the seasonal cheer (though that phrase sounds so Christmassy)


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