Friday, January 9

omg it's 2009 already!

and it has been one week of college! This year there seems to be quite a crowd at the Inti Subang enrolment week, with quite a number of students from China based on their thick accent.

And i figured that college really inspires me; suddenly I'm all hyped up to join Toastmasters Club, which i hope can improve my public speaking (yes, I'm a really shy person *blink blink*) take Chinese for AS in cambridge a levels and choose Dentistry as my lifetime career...

Then after doing some research on the Net, I found out I was still underage for the toastmasters club, besides, most of the members are those who are out at work, not students and definitely not midgets like me who could get a child's ticket for movies T.T

as for Chinese language for a levels, I have to translate an english essay into chinese! When in fact I heard that it was easier than form 5 chinese...

and when I told Tiffy I was considering dentistry, she was like "eew, you have to smell people's bad breath every day"...

ok la not EVERYONE has bad breath right? and at least I can talk to people everyday (when I get socially deprived I get all loony easily. and paranoid. trust me.)

and Tiffy said "that's the problem, dentists always try to talk to the patients when we are lying down there with our mouth open, like how are we supposed to answer them?"

(sorry these are not the exact words of Tiffany Foo because I don't save msn messages and I have short term memory. Tiffany Foo Sze Yee, please don't sue me.)

I remembered last time when I went to get my braces tightened, my orthodontist would be really busy talking on the phone + texting on ANOTHER handphone + fix my braces all at the same time!

AND he didn't wear his surgical mask since he was chatting on the phone. AND all his saliva ended up where? as gravity would tell you, it all ended up in my wide open mouth. EWWWW

I'm telling you braces are not to be done without deliberate consideration or based on random notion or 'cause it looks like a cute accessory on your teeth. It can get really, really painful the 1st few days after tightening. So eat more anchovies/ikan bilis/kang hu kia 'cause I heard that they can make sure your teeth stay straight. Or so I've heard.

Sorry no pics for this post and it's a bunch of random, disorganized rambling! I'm trying out different styles of writing, and partially 'cause I'm really tired and lazy of posting pics and I'm having sore throat now, so. And by the way still no mood to study.

so how was your 1st week of the year?

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