Monday, January 19

Busy busy bee

life has been a tad hectic, since it's nearing CNY and my sis came back from Singapore with her boyfriend (check previous posts for his pic) and my bro is coming back tomorrow from the US!! With my sis in law and their baby daughter, Jiawen (about 10 mths old)... Undeniably my dad is the happiest; he has been dreaming (night & day) of holding the baby in his arms since forever (okay la not forever, just 10 months ago)

And today after college my sis and I went Sunway Pyramid!! For some sisterly bonding, and in a way making up for lost time. It's a miracle we pretty much click even with a 12 year gap :)

And it was my 1st try at ice skating! (yes, I do have a life. although i've never skated for the past 17 years of my life. its NOT pathetic/sad okay)

Okay pretty tired now... will update another time. I didn't take pics of the skating because we were too absorbed in balancing ourselves (my sis did it a few times already though)

And oh no!

We overindulged at A&W with a Coney Dog + Double scoop ice cream waffle + 2 floats + fries!

So we're planning a hula hoop competition later. Hopefully it works.

But the guilt.... make it go away....

Why can't guys just like girls who are plump/chubby?

Or else girls wouldn't even bother dieting I'm telling you.


callie said...

but seriously i don't think guys like those stick thin girls as well. Only those young naive ones will only look at their outer appearance but most mature guys will definately will not really bother bout the appearance though.

Librainy said...

sadly i think they are protected species :)

Tiffany-Lazy to log in said...

No, Tze.. they r not d protected species. They are extinct.