Thursday, January 15

Hugs & Kisses. Gatherings & Goodbyes.

Doesn't it feel weird growing up?

Sometimes you feel it when you're chatting with an old primary schoolmate. About how sadistically-inclined some of the schoolteachers are. Or about how boys in primary school used to cry a lot. and all the time. and now they're all tall (not everyone though) and grown up. About how different everyone is now. Teacher's pets, grown-up wannabes, book nerds (mememe!!), tech geeks all finding their place in the world.

How UPSR seemed to have never existed and the word "SPM" doesn't send a shiver down your spine anymore. School rules that seem to be so unnecessary and controlling all of a sudden. (eg fringe cannot reach eyebrow level!! Socks must be above ankle!!)

How jokes you share with friends are less about cartoons/imaginary stuff and more about other people. And how vulgarity and eroticism are now equally thought to be funny.

It's also the way of carrying yourself. Just think of the times during family gatherings when we could just sit there, act bored and no one would bother. But now it's like obligation to create small talk. We have to be eloquent. Charismatic. Outspoken. Proactive. And, to some extent, pretentious.

Do I actually have to say "wah, Auntie XX... your necklace so nice ah.. where you buy one?" when I actually think it's like some Stone Age artifact? Why say something when I don't even mean it?

Sometimes it's when you realize your friends are leaving home, one by one, pursuing their dreams/their parents dreams (which are 2 different things!!). How they may never look back, or even return to your life unexpectedly.

There was a mini farewell for Tiffy at Sakae Sushi, Sunway Pyramid this Tues, with Grace & Elaine.

Tiffy, I know you read my blog so I won't get too mushy here in case people get confused about my sexual orientation (for the record I like guys! cute ones of course)

So just wanna wish you all the best in Down Under and hopefully we'll never run out of conversation for the next 50 years. And we still can laugh at the same things we do now and be wacko just because we want to.

Keep in touch and thanks a billion for all the memories! I really will miss you!!

xoxoxoxoxoxoxo (hugs and kisses Tiffy until out of breath and Tiffy wipes saliva away from cheek)

Take care...

from tzehui :)

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