Sunday, March 1

D-Day: Driving Test Day

Gosh I haven't felt this nervous since my piano Grade 8 practical, which was like... 3 years ago? Even SPM doesn't give me this kind of jitters because I'm always nervous about hands-on stuff. You can never, EVER practice enough.

Yeeah I'm having my driving test tomorrow.

*screams into oblivion*

HOWHOWHOWHOWHOW This morning I mati enjin-ed on the bukit for 3 consecutive times, as in the start kereta-balance minyak n clutch-mati enjin sequence repeating itself. 3 freakin freakin times.

And I just can't get over the image of myself rolling down the hill. I seriously don't know why I can be such a pathetic pessimist. Think of the bright side! If I fail, at least I'll be able to see the driving school and my driving instructor again... -_-" AND part with another RM100.

And my test is in the afternoon, so I have the whole morning moping around the house, replay my "rolling down the hill" scene in my paranoid mind again & mope around the house.

I know I don't usually pray in my blog so Lord, if you're reading this, please:

  • Get me a good car with a shorter clutch paddle & easier controls
  • Get me a good invigilator who doesn't mind whispering tips to me, and turning a blind eye once in a while (tho preferably more often)
  • Make sure the weather's good
  • Bless me with wisdom, courage & confidence
  • And if all else fails,
  • Just control my limbs and work a miracle. I have full trust in you.
And to others, just wish me luck! This time I really need to add oil... (加油)

1 comment:

callie said...

Don't worry. I had mati engin-ed 10 times before okay during my practice. And rolling down from hill? Hahaha. Its like a norm for me if I stop at the wrong spot.

Good luck yeah.