Thursday, September 25


We did a video clip for my classmate Lih Yi's birthday a couple of months ago... Still as sweet as ever.. (turn on the speaker! and if the pics get boring, skip to the end where there are short video clips ^^)


Credits to Wan Ying for the editing! Enjoy! (sorry ah some parts in chinese :P)

Try and see whether you can identify the people below in the clip-- my college besties ^^

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callie said...

why sweat look so nerd one? where's her fringe?

Librainy said...

callie: haha no idea... this was like months ago le...

callie said...

i mean the pic, not the video. hahaha

Librainy said...

oh ok couldn't put the fringe.. no choice there... cz it's from a programme, i din draw it free hand..