Friday, October 24

It's not just nicotine that causes addiction

I'd hate to admit it but I've succumbed to the New God of the Virtual World-- Facebook!

Seriously! What with all the pokes and Word Challenges and buying people and comparing friends and planting trees and sending flowers and uploading photo albums and updating "what are you doing right now?"... It's like you can choose to NOT have a real life. Just go virtual and you can be the person everyone wants to be.

Very simple only mah! Just:
  • Photoshop your profile pic so it looks like you have uber large Japanese doll eyes, flawless skin, Angelina Jolie's pouty lips and Jessica Alba's hothothot body
  • Or worse, choose a pic that has you and a friend in it (caution: your friend has to be less good looking than you to achieve maximum effect)
  • Play "Word Challenge" and "Who has the biggest brains?" till your eyes/bladders give out
  • Add random people who look cute or rich or cool so you'll seem to know people from Northumbia to the Maldives
  • In your profile, under "Favourite Music", put some weird bands that no one has heard before like RedNoses or Blingascopy (These I made up one la)
  • Under the describe yourself section just put "I'm just a simple girl... happy go lucky... if you want to know me then add me lo ^~^ __~put something" It'll sound like you're this sweet, cute gullible gal that'll be an easy catch. So plenty of (guy esp) friend requests.
Disclaimer: These examples are purely fictional and if they happen to resemble any true people or situations it's purely coincidental.

No hard feelings to anyone who has done any of the above ya! It's just based on my observation (and *cough* personal experience *cough**cough*)

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