Sunday, October 12

Tested--(but not that true) How to get that perfect body!

We girls never seem to ever get satisfied of ourselves, be it our weight, height (this one for me of course la! I just got my height measured this morning:149.8cm; so short how to be happy?) complexion... especially weight!

~Me and the tallest guy in class...He's about 185cm if I'm not wrong :P~

I really don't understand girls who look like stick insects complain that they're "on the plump side". Seriously. The conversation usually goes on like this:

Me: *pinches flabby arms* awh I think I need to eat less... If I slim down to your size I'll be satisfied...

Skinny Gal: What? I'm very fat la, look at all the fats! *pinches bony arms*

Me: No la you're not fat at all, if you're fat I'm obese lo...

Skinny Gal: Very fat le..

*similar conversation capable of going on for decades*

I reckon they're really delusional. It's like a chameleon complaining that it never blends into the environment... -_-"

So here are solutions that my (skinny but think they're fat) friends at college do to slim down...even more...

  1. Cut down on rice. Or stop eating rice altogether. Eat more protein if you're really hungry. There's really some science to it too--excess protein just turns into pee but excess carbs will deposit as fatty layers! I'm not too crazy about rice but I just love bread. All sorts of it. It'll kill me to give up bread. But i read somewhere that people who love bread have high sex drive. I was like huh? So not true le. I'm a very non-hormonal teenager. I think.

  2. Squeeze out all the oil from food. I have a friend that basically eats "yao zha guai" (translation: fried ghost...?) with tissue... So she'll compress the food with tissue to suck up all the oil. But to me it looks too flattened to be appetizing anymore. Not applicable to all sorts of food anyway. Might as well line the wall of your mouth with oil absorbers (detachable ones of course) to obtain maximum effect :P

  3. Do exercise la, duh. But if you're lazy to do competitive sport like badminton, squash etc, hula hooping is a good choice... Here's a clip of Kaykay hula hooping and blowing a balloon at the same time... psst. She's one of those complaining being fat. See for yourselves... (sorry ah I don't know how to turn the movie over...)

  4. Mix around people who don't eat much. Peer pressure ma. I would feel so left out if I was wolfing down some Mcdonald burger if everyone was just having Diet Coke..? (unfortunately) all my friends have extremely good appetite...*sob* but they're great fun though ('cause they do read my blog).. no la just kidding :)

  5. Don't bathe right after you eat. I read somewhere that it'll obstruct the digestive system or something..(This may just be some superstition but no harm trying eh?)

The only ones that I really do now are no. 3 & no.5 (haha yeah I believe almost anything, I know).

And I am really on the plump side. Honest.

But sometimes I do hope I'm a teensy bit delusional. That the fats are not real and I'm just fantasizing.

Or simply that I have faulty mirrors at home :)


幸福小馆 said...

thx for sharing those tips ^^
btw, the guy look huge when stand bside u la..
i think i will look like tat too~ i 167 ler... kekekee =p

callie said...

I dun think I can do hula hoops for more than 10 secs. Hahaha.

next time we sit togethe rla, so we eat less. hahaha

Klang Gal said...

To quote tze,
Me: *pinches flabby arms* I think I need to eat less... If I slim down to your size I'll be satisfied...

I think you are d delusionaL one..

But then, all gals r delusional lo.. =)

The all proteins no carbs diet is actually really bad for health. It's called the Atkin's Diet.

I heard it causes kidney problems cos' too much protein n blah blah..

OMG, don't stay away from me.. I know I eat like a pig but pls don stay away from me.. *sobs dramatically

=).. I'm lame beyond words

Librainy said...

幸福小馆: evil la you! *tries to strangle her on tiptoes but merely grasping thin air*

callie: i was bad at hula hoops initially... but it'll get better once you try more, really...

haha good idea but that would be "memulaukan" the rest.. very anti social le :P

klang gal: serious! i'm plump! not delusional at all! even my mom agrees that i need to cut down on some weight :)

oh really? so i guess the best thing is to stop eating altogether. =)

haha yeah you do eat a lot... if you pay for a session at for slim wrap then I won't stay away from you la... fair enough? *grin*

YewChong said...

haro haro, it's april 10th, not 4th october, haha.
happy 9 days belated birthday! :)
&&& yaya, cannot stand those skinny girls who always call themselves fat, grr.

Librainy said...

yewchong: haiyo i tot u libra punya... btw thx for the (extreeeeeemely) belated b'day wish :P