Saturday, August 30

A list of random stuff


Sometimes I wished I didn't take A-levels and took Business Foundation or AUP (American Programme) instead.

Only A-levels started college one week ahead of the others. Only A levels have to cover topics that I feel will be 80% unused when I get out to work.

Plus, no leng chai in A-levels la.

The closest we got was someone with Zac Efron's hair. *sob

Anyway we celebrated 3 of our classmates' birthdays on tuesday. Behold the August babies:

1. Unna (17th Aug)
2. Teck Hong (16th Aug)
3. Julian (26th Aug)

Happy belated, by the way ^^

Since the b'day cake was to be shared, my classmate Suzanne came up with this (to be written on the cake):

Junna Teck Unna Hong Luna Iuna Anna Nana

Just read according to colour and you'll get it...

But mostly thanks to the staff at Baker's Cottage who actually heeded to our crazy demands :P

Another bit of randomness: (sorry for the blur images; taken from my phone)

Location: Subang Jaya Ktm Station
Time: Around 5.30pm, before train arrived
Destination: From Subang to KL Sentral

This was after the train arrived...

It seemed like almost 70% of the passengers didn't make it.. and the train comes every 20 minutes! Isn't it obvious enough that the train should be more frequent?


callie said...

i know which guy u mean. the one with zac effron hair. hahaha

幸福小馆 said...

hi tze hui, do u still remember me?
i m ur primary fren shan may =)

Librainy said...

callie: haha yeah to me that guy is such a wannabe... hope i'm not being mean *grin

shan may: of course i rmb you la! you changed a lot d le... getting prettier by the day :)

Timmy said...

Omg. Who has Zac Efron's hair? Whoever it is, he is so stealing my hair!

*-- Fallen Angel --* said...

Hey... you seriously need a chat box.. and..and... I still don't get the cake thingy...but it rhymes?LOL

Librainy said...

timmy: haha really? i haven't seen you in a while... but now i can sorta imagine :)

fallen angel: the cake thingy is like a combination of the few names... julian, unna n teck hong.. that's y read according to colour... anyway about the chatbox thingy, i scared no one... chats... *blush*

YewChong said...

Haha, actually i have been dropping by a lot just that i didn't drop anything :D
anywayyy, you are excuses because you WERE a librarian! nolah, that thingy was just for the fun of it, nothing seriously.
&&& seriously, in college, it's like everyday is someone's birthday! lol.

Librainy said...

yewchong: that's partially true.. i was a librarian in primary school lol :P

really? haha maybe it's just you being popular :)