Saturday, August 23

Just a Thought

Went to watch Wall-E with parents yesterday night at Sunway Pyramid... complimentary tickets from my dad's company ^^

WALL-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class) has been piling (literally) skyscrapers made out of trash for hundreds of years to clean up the mess made by humans... while us earthlings enjoy life up in a spaceship waiting for the time where earth can finally be inhabited again.

For one thing, the first 45 minutes of the show was practically conversation-free!

But it was enjoyable to see Wall-E scuttling along dirt beaten tracks as he stacks up piles and piles of trash into buildings with his pet cockroach, the only biological living thing left on Earth (this proves how toxic resistant they are! hail cockroaches!)

There was also budding romance between Wall-E and Eve (Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator) which was really sweet to watch :)

There's plenty to learn from this cute little thing:
  1. This movie might not be an exaggeration--Earth could seriously end up like this. So stop right there and pick up that crumpled piece of paper that you just threw into the rubbish bin. Yes, that is how telepathic I am.
  2. We are so often blinded by technology that we fail to appreciate simple things in life. Up in space where humans made their temporary home, humans sat in mobile chairs with a holographic screen right in front of them; Only when Wall-E accidentally deactivates one of the humans' screens that she went "oh I didn't know we had a swimming pool round here!" So when you start going "oh I didn't know my grandparents lived here!" then there's something seriously wrong with you. But don't throw away your high-tech gadgets la. Give them to me :P
  3. Err actually I'm lazy to think already... when I started the post I was still emo-ish but now too alert, cannot write XD
By the way go watch this video:

Matt Harding, a video game developer went around the world in and asked people to dance with him. It was extremely meaningful and I was even on the verge on crying!

But anyway since I'm at it has anyone read The Kite Runner? Absolutely, totally, freaking touching eh? I even cried at the end..*sob* please leave your comments about the book if you have read it ya!

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