Friday, August 1

Land, ahoy!

Just fyi I did not go on a crusade to any faraway island in seek of fame and fortune or something like that... just somewhere close to home: Pulau Ketam (it's somewhere near Port Klang if you've never heard of it)

2 cousins of mine from Canada came for vacation and so my mom and I took them for a short trip to get in touch with our more primitive nature (no offense to residents of Pulau Ketam... it really is a nice and cosy place to stay ^^)

~from left: my 2 cousins, my mom, tua ee (hokkien for eldest aunt), her (cute!) grandson~

~wondering why there's a toilet just next to the jetty? see next pic~

~ohh so that's why...~

~oohh! colourful crab sighting~

~ main transportation around the island~

~it's actually a currypuff-shaped pastry with icecream inside... interesting~

~translation from mandarin to english: Chess Research Association of Pulau Ketam... really pro le... get to do research on chess also~

~ermm... a really irrelevant pic... but it's Big Apple Donuts from Subang Parade... we actually told them to cut each donut into 6 pieces so each of us could taste every flavour ^^~

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