Tuesday, August 5

Tagged! (when i should b revising chem)

Instructions :Remove one question from below and add in your own question.Then tag 8 people from your list. List them out at the end of the post. Notify them that they have been tagged.

1. At wat age do u wish to marry?
well me getting married in the 1st place would be a miracle.. haha…

2. Will u consider sexual relationship before marriage?
Erm, obviously, no.

3. Do you smoke?

4. What is the latest gadget u own?
iPod mini? (but the old version.. handed down from my sis)

5.Who did u mostly text recently?
Suzanne goh

6. How do u see urself in 10 years?
still as short?

7. What is the latest thing u bought wit ur own money?
present for my dad’s birthday…

8. State 3 people of the opposite sex that first comes to ur mind:-
dad, bro, grandpa? (yes I would like to remain confidential in this context)

9. Who will u mst likely date?
My grandpa… just to piss my grandma off... for fun… haha… ^^

10.Who is the one person you look up to in times of despair?
My friends…. Not anyone specific tho.. depends on the situation

11. How many kids do u want?
wah… never thought of it le…

12. Are u loyal?
hopefully I am….

13. Where is the latest restaurant u had dinner?
Che Go with my parents… my mom’s b’day present was Korean food…

14. What is ur full name?
Yeoh Tze Hui

15. Name the latest book u bought
The Handmaid’s Tale.. but I think it’s getting mouldy cz I haven’t touched my books in like ages…

16. Do u believe in God?
Yup, lurrrve him ^^

17. Do u like ur relatives?
erm… ok la =)

18. Name your favourite game/sport
badminton… although I’m not really good at it…

19. Name the first person that comes to ur mind nw
Goh Suzanne (classmate at Inti)

20. The most exciting place u wanna go

21. Hugs or kisses?
hugs… kisses are too… overrated?

22.Single or attached?

23. Do u do ur laundry?
does the washing machine count?

24. Point out 5 things about the person who tagged u
-not very much taller than me :P

25. What are u craving fr at this moment and hw far would u go to get it?
really full at the moment… had J.Co donuts, laksa by grandma and chocolates all in a day….

I tag:
- Tiffany
- Amelia
- Timmy
- Callie
- Ezen


callie said...

lol. I didn't know I'm being tagged.=p. will do it asap.after chemistry. haha

Librainy said...

haha no problem... good luck for the upcoming exams!

*-- Fallen Angel --* said...

Is this my tag, girl? meaning... if you talking about me...

-not very much taller than me :P

I'm flattered for the first four (quirky, me? *innocent look*)but the "not very much taller than me" --> me no like... LOL

anyways, you have an iPod Mini? *strangles Tze Hui*... never mind the second-hand... you have an iPod Mini?????????? *tightens grip and shakes her*... when? how come I don't know? LOL

Librainy said...

yeah it's your tag...

and the iPod mini was passed down from my sis... i think couple of months ago...why you dunno ar...i think i forgot to tell you lo... there wasn't any occasion to tell you anywayz :P

wah want to strangle me d ah? it's ok la it's not that all awesome... some mp3s are better... can change memory card some more...