Thursday, August 21

Once a BRAT, always a BRAT

I remembered telling a friend last week that I was going for BRATs camp at Kajang and she was like "what? breast camp? are you all right?" Lol. I nearly laughed my head off... No la... i'm not going to see an oncologist anytime soon...

If you still have no idea what's it about, you can check it out here. Besides it'll also be in next weekend's Star papers in a pullout section--Ole Brats! it'll save me the hassle of strangling you in person :P

On a friendlier (and less murderous) tone, here are some pics to fill you in...

~Our team BRATs Republic (we were split into 4 teams); from left, clockwise: me, Shamini, Zahara, Sue Ann, Samantha, Hui Ee, Stewart, Albert, Chern Yao~

~watching Olympics badminton finals (Datuk) Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan... we rushed to finish our assignments just to catch our Datuk in action... although it was not-too-glorious but it's okay... you still did our country proud ^^~

~From left: Atikah, Wen Jo, me-- with the scenic backdrop of a lake at Kajang Country Heights~

~an avid camwhore who goes by the name Chern Yao and his insatiable yearning for skinny dipping... he's wearing inverted slippers and it's what he calls flippers...~

~me, michelle, esther and wen jo on the last day of camp... missing you guys d le... *sob~

~awh the lovely Laviania! (ooh! alliteration!) miss u too!~

~Our team trying to put ideas together.. but seemed like Hui Ee did most of the writing... thanks so much ya!~

~What would a trip to Kajang be complete without... ~


To me, the highlight of the workshop was getting the opportunity to enter Kajang Prison... it was definitely (and hopefully) a once in a lifetime chance to enter prison... Definitely a relief to be just a visitor!

Ok la, the conditions were not that bad, they even have students sitting for STPM, SPM and those taking Diploma courses... but the feeling of being locked behind bars really gives me chills to the bone... If you're interested remember to check out the pullout in the Star next weekend! (should be saturday or sunday... i forgot which)


*-- Fallen Angel --* said...

yo gal...hehe.. you looked like you had fun too... jail visiting is definitely a no no for me... just thinking about it gives me the chills... your satays seemed nice.. mine a bit burnt d..LOL

Crystal said...

hello! found your blog so just dropped by to say hi!! :) sorry we didnt get to talk in camp... sigh.. everything so rushed... :( but it was a crazy fun time nonetheless.

take care!!:)

-crystal (

Anonymous said...

hey tze hui! great to see all the pics... we had fun, ne?? i really miss everyone... sigh...

Rachel Tan Ju-Ai said...

heys! didn't get to know you better in camp, but nice meeting you! keep in touch alright? :D

Librainy said...

fallen angel: ya but actually the satay was just okay... tastes like klang satay....

crystal: true we didn't get the chance to talk... take care too! really interesting blog btw ^^

ari-chan: miss you too! all the best esp in your passion for anime art!

rachel: hey there! keep in touch ya! i'll add you in facebook ^^