Friday, April 3

Taking a Break

Yesterday we went to Take a Break (Opposite Old Town Subang, around Taylors Business School) for lunch; The best thing about the place is that they provide UNO, poker cards and even the long forgotten Jenga! (aka UNO stacko)

Reliving our childhood memories~

Mama worried at the precarious state of the tower of blocks; we screamed when it wobbled and got annoyed stares from neighbouring tables and guys imitating our squeals, but something tells me if we weren't all so self conscious they would want to play too :P

Okay this is AFTER we cheated; we just couldn't bear just letting it all topple down so we tried to stack it as tall as possible; note the evil laugh from Lih Yi

And to curb the daily monotony we started a new game; inspired by an activity I had in Form 2.

Just grab a paper and pen, and you can begin! but it's a group activity kind of thing...

Get different people to write these details: (in chronological order)

1. A male name
2. A female name
3. a place
4. what are they doing
5. He says "....."
6. She says "......"

So it's like the first person will write down the name of a male (anyone will do! but if it's a friend etc it'll be funnier). then fold the paper so the 2nd person can't see the male's name, and simply write a girl's name... and continue likewise. So every detail is sort of disconnected and sometimes it produces hilarious effects!

An example:

Ah Loo &


were in a hotel room

slapping each other's faces

He says: I went to the hospital yesterday

She says: Your armpit hair is so sexy...

He says: Mine is the longest.

She says: I'm starving.

Finally the jumped into the sea.

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