Friday, April 10


Just finished watching the complete Season 1 of Heroes! And suddenly my life feels so... empty. And now I'm staring at my half-closed door in hopes of making it close (yes I suspect I have telekinetic powers)

Plus I miss college + friends already! It's been just a little more than a day since I last saw them (excluding Suat Hoon who came over for piano just now).. We're having study break till mid of May, which is when AS exams start! (though I doubt the "study" part of the break; except last minute ones of course)

Not trying to act cute here, I was caught off guard okay

The ever-optimistic Lih Yi :) Miss your trademark "noises" and phrases! 不要害怕 :)

Mama trying oh so hard to suppress a laughter and Kay Kay looking "friendly" XD

Wan Ying n Bee Shuang-- enjoy life back at Kedah & Taiping!

Kay Kay with Chai Cheen...

Our post-exam de-stress therapy at Neway (no more student price already! we had to pay around 20++ per person o.O)

doing emo pose again

Visited sweat at Sunway Medical Centre; she had serious food poisoning but thankfully she's back home now :)

Gotta find something to distract me now... Lest the paranoid in me flares up again...

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