Thursday, April 23

KL-ang Wantan Mee still rocks!!!

My monotonous "study physicschemistrybiologymathsstatistics-cum-raid the fridge-cum-mope around the house-cum-stare at my tonsils" break (*pants feverishly) was finally deviated for a moment yesterday; We (parents & I) went to get our US visas done at the US Embassy, Jln Tun Razak, KL.

{Waiting for our turn outside the embassy... After that you need to get scanned and handphones were not allowed (calculators (!) too) hence the lack of pictures}

Our appointment was at 10am; we arrived at around 9 but there were lots of people waiting already. And you have to be "interviewed" before they take your VISA application into consideration!

So I was thinking my parents' would be a breeze (eg they don't look like people who will end up as US illegal immigrants right)... but I was worried about mine, initially.

Cause last time we went to the US (together with my elder sis), they stopped her at immigration and took her to another site for further questioning... Most probably worried that she would do any illegal stuff at the US.

But my worry was short lived as I wasn't suspected at all! (but a tad bit disappointed too; I'm not attractive enough to be suspected; I guess the most I'll ever qualify is for child labour *whimpers*)

Later we headed to Petaling Street (Chee Cheong Gai) on a food hunting saga...

Famous Muah Chee that comes in 6 different flavours... Tastes best when eaten fresh! RM 5 per box (but quite a lot though)

Later we tried wantan mee at 冠记 (which was apparently pretty famous) but the Klang ones taste better le...

At a show-offy random note I got bored and sketched the cover girl for Reader's Digest (cover girl sounds so fashion mag-y). My very first complete sketch (see how bored I am? SEEE??)

Took me around half an hour to complete... I think I made her look 50 years older o.O


Simply June said...

when are u guys coming to the US?

Tze Hui said...

erm not sure yet.. most probably not this yr though since bro came back few months back... mayb next yr :)