Wednesday, April 8

Self Indulgence

Yay our final paper on Physics was finally over on Tues! Right after that we celebrated Bee Shuang's SUPER belated b'day...

Some of the videos we took that were supposed to be performances (eg talent shows) to entertain her... But most of it looked like "ss" videos... So much for the inner actress in us :)

Mama's clip (her talent: laughing)

Kay kay the F1 driver

Me with less "obstacles" in life... -_-"

and OMGOMG Heroes Season 1 is just sooo good! I know I'm terribly outdated..o.O

1 comment:

callie said...

I pity mama's, kay kay's and lih yi's head. hyek. *evil grin.
hahaha. Just joking.