Friday, March 27

Neurons all jumbled up

This is a really "rojak"-ed post 'cause I'm torn between blogging and revising Bio for next mon's mock! So a quickie is the only way to go :)

But firstly:

Happy Belated Birthday Koo Yen Woon!!!

Thanks for being such a great friend for the past 8++ years and I'm sooo glad to have you in my life! Rock on my superb songstress~

And some sketches Mama made at college:

Mama was halfway trimming her fringe hence the displaced lock of hair

And brace yourselves... mama was going to sketch CK, one of our classmates...

And it turned out to look something like this!

It was then we decided it looked too much like...

Datuk Lee Chong Wei!!!

And some Secret Recipe stuff Suat Hoon n I had for lunch :)

Oreo Cheese Cake!

BBQ Chicken Rice

Somehow we ate till the cake sorta looked like an arrow :)


Gotta studystudystudy...


Blossom said...

gambateh tze hui~~!!!!

HOO YIK YANG said...

[blog update checked]

jia you!! have a nice day

callie said...

hahaha. Maybe we should just say if the face in the sketch is fatter, it looks like CK. But it really looks like Datuk lee though. hahaha

Good luck for bio!. Jia you.

Tze Hui said...

thx for the encouragements :)