Thursday, March 19

Pics Galore

Just some photo updates of college life :)

A desperate attempt to act sexy... I know I look damn weird

We made a pact to wear the different colours for different days in a week.. Oh ya the boys are one day behind us :)

Mama = happy Mafia boss

And I think my social life has taken the backseat for a while. Gone were the days of Neway and Green Box visits, birthday parties, attending Inti club activities, shopping etc.

Now it's just college, college friends **this morning we were just reminiscing on how we met and grew closer since last year's May; it's a curious thing--how sheer honesty and genuity can bring friendship to a whole new level. Prison Break, American Idol & reading novels **currently on The Picture of Dorian Gray; it's emotionally disturbing o.O

And the only thing that I'm looking forward to right now, is Adam Lambert @ 9.30pm on 8TV. What a life I have.


callie said...

Soon la. After AS. I think those shopping and Neway times would be back till A2 comes

HOO YIK YANG said...

[blog post readed]

the life look quite fun, show more okay

have a nice day


*-- Fallen Angel --* said...

Don't you complain, dear... At least, you have college and friends... most that I have is work... and surprisingly... it's something that kept me from going insane... it's something that have me waking up early 6am to battle the KTM and go to work... the feeling I have now? I would give almost anything just to go back to college... So, do enjoy your college life... even if you have to attend boring lectures and stuff...bwahahaha....

ps. missing you...

Tze Hui said...

callie: yeah hopefully...there'll be more chances in sem 4 i guess :)

Hoo yik yang: haha will do...

yenwoon: wow that's early... why didn't u wanna find some job in klang anyway? yeah college is less complicated compared to working life :)

miss you too babe! keep in touch~

*-- Fallen Angel --* said...

I applied the job through an agency... and I specifically wanted it to be related to accountings... so I suppose, KL has more of those big companies and such? and I did tell the agency to find me some place that I can have access to public transport...^_^
So when are you going to drive me out? LOL

Tze Hui said...

haha i dun think my dad will let me drive alone any time within 10 yrs -_-"

but we'll see.. :)