Sunday, March 8

Freedom or Freakdom?

I finally got my "P" driving license last saturday! And almost immediately after that, my parents and I hopped into the car and drove to the nearest stationary shop to pick up my "P" car sticker. Yeah my driving school uncle didn't give me any. But the Fernando Alonso in me was dying to be unleashed (Haha okay la I actually drive 20km/h on normal road. Stifle that sneer of yours.)

And so there begins the real challenge:
  • At a junction, stop COMPLETELY. (or else you can hear dad shouting "BRAKE!! BRAKE!!")
  • Look right, left, right, etc until there are no moving objects in a 5km radius. (Trees excluded)
  • Never drive more than 40km/h (or else it'll be considered speeding)
  • Before turning left/right, signal beforehand at least 10 seconds before. Or not "you confuse other people and they'll not give way to you; they don't know you're NEW"
  • Be wary of kids, esp those on bicycles. But honestly they really think that cars are nonexistent and they ride around in zig-zag style. In front of your car. It's like waving a red cloth in front of a bull. Unfortunately I'm just a lamb o.O
I'm going to pick up my mom from work later; wish me luck! (and my dad's blood pressure too)

ED: UPDATE: I was going through my phone and found this collage we did a couple of days ago in college.

Can you guess who's who?

Or just find which one is my face la :P

Her name's 黄芝琪 (Ooi/Ng Tze Kay) btw...


HOO YIK YANG said...

LOL you are so funny, good job for *p*

the photo, herm


number 4 guar~

callie said...

(Ooi/Ng Tze kay) sounds better than (Chong/Yeoh Wan Hoon)? hahahaha

Tze Hui said...

HOO YIK YANG: ehe no, try again :)

callie: I think d Ooi/Ng Tze Kay sounds better le, and anyway Ooi and Ng is the same in Mandarin so it's fair for suathoon n wanying...

HOO YIK YANG said...

LOL i din see you before how to guess!!



callie said...

yeah. i think so too. Ooi/Ng Tze Kay sounds like a pretty girl's name. haha