Thursday, September 25


We did a video clip for my classmate Lih Yi's birthday a couple of months ago... Still as sweet as ever.. (turn on the speaker! and if the pics get boring, skip to the end where there are short video clips ^^)

Credits to Wan Ying for the editing! Enjoy! (sorry ah some parts in chinese :P)

Try and see whether you can identify the people below in the clip-- my college besties ^^

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Thursday, September 18

Haha. (Unfortunately for you) I do tags :P

1. Six People to Tag (i tag you because i love you, kay? no hard feelings ^^ )-
  • tiffany
  • yen woon
  • shan may
  • lyndy
  • kah wei
  • ezen

2. Six Things I'm Passionate About

  • Blogging (lucky you! okay no la that's waay too narcissistic)
  • Reading (no that does NOT make me a nerd! you're doing exactly that right now :P)
  • Growing taller (so sorry you have to hear my laments in almost every post... I don't suppose you'd be very happy either if you weren't even 150 cm * sob*)
  • God. Sometimes I just need Him so much.
  • Cute guys that are randomly scattered around college, train stations and bus stops
  • Shoes and clothes! (gosh I never thought I would ever be saying this)

3. Six Things I Say Too Often

  • 是咯,我也是这样觉得 (Meaning: Ya, I think so too)
  • Bless you!
  • Hahaha (that means laughing, I don't go like "Hahaha I forgot to pee" in normal conversations just for your info)
  • Err...
  • Really? Serious ah?
  • Dunno wor...

4. Six Books I've Read Recently

  • Biology Longman A-Levels Reference Book
  • MYC! Mag
  • Sunday Star Newspaper
  • The Kite Runner
  • CLEO May 2008 issue (complimentary copy)
  • Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Serious! The unabridged version la)

5. Six Songs I can Listen to Again and Again

  • I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing - David Cook
  • Wild Horses - Natasha Bedingfield
  • 珊瑚海 (Shan Hu Hai) - Jay Chou
  • Take a Bow - Rihanna
  • Crush - David Archuleta
  • 亲爱的那不是爱情 (Qing Ai De Na Bu Shi Ai Qing) - Angela Zhang

6. Six Things I Learnt in the Past Year

  • Haiyo I know enough d la. I'll just be listing moral stories that'll put you to sleep :)
Pics to lighten up the post:

~From left: Siet Yin, Me, Kay Kay, Lih Yi and Suzanne plus kids at a friend's b'day party... on the eve of Mooncake Festival... Hence the lanterns :) ~

~Just a random (and vain :P) pic of me and kay kay... I just took off my specs la, not wearing contacts~

~Goofing out at college with Wan Ying (the one in black inverted jacket).. yeah the one with the face missing~

~My cute lil' niece... Jazlyn... you can see more of her on my bro's blog~

Anyway added cbox after popular (*ahem) demand... So get talking!

Thursday, September 11

The latest torture weapon

Flipping through fashion mags, I've always wondered why some gals needed a closet full of shoes when you just have, actually, only a pair of feet to fit them into...

But somehow my perspective changed with the coming of age (haiyo vain d ma :P) and shoes are actually cute lil' things that do make a difference in life... especially heels! These are some of the perks:
  1. Makes me look taller (veryx100 important!)
  2. Surge of happiness due to increased height (an alternative when the Secret fails :P)
  3. Surge of happiness due to sounds made during contact with floor (clickety-clack makes me feel professional somehow)
  4. Used as self-defense object (either throw it at him or kick where it hurts most)

I'm a pathetic size 3 (or size 4, depends) which makes it extremely difficult to find shoes that fit (esp those on discounts) and even if they fit, my feet always ends up like this:

~Librainy's feet revealed: old and new blisters from wearing heels~

~one of the few torture tools... sounds a little erotic or is it just me?~

So what to do? I can only choose between self-torture and looking short.

Final choice: self torture lo. At least it'll make up for my (hopelessly) petite figure... XD

Friday, September 5

New haircut

Certain people seem to have a sort of emotional attachment to their hair... but I'm okay la. On a sudden urge I just mentioned I wanted short hair for a change, and my classmate Suzanne offered to do it for me! Introducing:

The hair stylist!

Haha in case you're wondering where I did my haircut, it was at college. Before, during and after class ;P

Side and back views:
Suzanne has not received any professional training but she's pretty good at it don't you think? So thanks again Suzanne!

~Suzanne and her FOC customers (yeah, Lih yi on the right had her hair cut by Suzanne too!)~

Bye bye long hair!

Wednesday, September 3

The Secret

Just want to share some of the secrets with you if you haven't read it:

According to the book, the secret=the law of attraction. Since like attracts like, you have to think positive thoughts to attract positive things in your life.

3 basic steps to the secret:

Step 1: Ask
The first step is to ask. Make a command to the Universe. Let the Universe know what you want. (remember to be specific though! and don't say "I don't want"... must always say "I want")

Seems pretty easy...I want:
  • to grow 10 cm taller (hey it's not demanding at all k... 148cm+10=158 only! gosh i just realized I'm really, really short...ok nvm)
  • have good skin (zit free, oil free) so there won't be any temptation to pop them.. Even when it's not ripe yet... (okay it's getting gross, I know)
  • to be able to stuff myself with food and still not get fat (don't we all?)
  • a cute, simple, humble, loving,... *babbles an endless list of adjectives into space*.... boyfriend *blushes*... or not LeeHom also can la :)

Step 2: Believe
Believe that it's already yours. Have unwavering faith. Believing in the unseen. Start make-believing. As you make-believe, you will begin to believe you have received.

So it's me getting delusional and imagining things = me trying to believe. Here it goes:

Sometimes I just feel so darn tall. I don't like wearing heels anymore 'cause I'm taller than Lee Hom. Not good to lower his self esteem eh? And speaking of self esteem, I suspect he's inwardly jealous of me; he keeps stuffing me with food, food and more food!

Apparently he's trying to ruin my 36-24-36 figure but it's not working... And gosh, I have really smooth skin. Did I mention my great body? Haha. I'm so in love with myself. I know you love me too :)

Step 3: Receive
Begin to feel wonderful about it. Feel the way you will feel once it arrives. Feel it now.

Haha I think I felt it in step 2 :)

Try it out! But if you end up in Hospital Bahagia / Tanjung Rambutan it's so not my fault :P