Thursday, September 11

The latest torture weapon

Flipping through fashion mags, I've always wondered why some gals needed a closet full of shoes when you just have, actually, only a pair of feet to fit them into...

But somehow my perspective changed with the coming of age (haiyo vain d ma :P) and shoes are actually cute lil' things that do make a difference in life... especially heels! These are some of the perks:
  1. Makes me look taller (veryx100 important!)
  2. Surge of happiness due to increased height (an alternative when the Secret fails :P)
  3. Surge of happiness due to sounds made during contact with floor (clickety-clack makes me feel professional somehow)
  4. Used as self-defense object (either throw it at him or kick where it hurts most)

I'm a pathetic size 3 (or size 4, depends) which makes it extremely difficult to find shoes that fit (esp those on discounts) and even if they fit, my feet always ends up like this:

~Librainy's feet revealed: old and new blisters from wearing heels~

~one of the few torture tools... sounds a little erotic or is it just me?~

So what to do? I can only choose between self-torture and looking short.

Final choice: self torture lo. At least it'll make up for my (hopelessly) petite figure... XD


callie said...

All shoes tend to give you blisters regardless its cheap or expensive. Unless those pure leather one la.

I had tried once. Wearing a new 3 inch wedges and walked around Kl. Ended up with 7 blisters at each foot.

hahaha. But after a few times wearing it, it will be alright and comfortable. Afterall, I think that having lots of shoes is a thing that a girl should proud off. Lol.

Siew Ying Ooi said...

Hello Tze Hui :) Thanks for your comment. Hehe~ Your classmates in inti Suat Hoon and Chai Chen are my secondary schoolmates :) hehe.. Not sure how to spell their names d~ All the best girl :) Take care.

Lyndy said...

hey gurl! lol
linked u deeee
fuih someone
vain vain!! HAHAH!

Librainy said...

callie: i think you can never get enough of shoes, don't you think so? haha yeah i hope the blisters will wear off after couple more times of wearing it...

siew ying: ya all the best to u too!

lyndy: haiyo dun tease me la *blush*

Timmy said...

Only now you realise it? I'm a guy, and I've known it for, like, so long. A closet full of shoes is definitely important for a girl.

But, I'm just glad I'm not a girl--I don't have to wear these torture tools. Worse to worst, I'll only need to buy them.

鸟王 said...

来这里看看~~~ ^^

Librainy said...

timmy: er why would you have to buy them? i don't get it la.. -_-"

鸟王: 记得!! 你是通过善美的blog找到我的是吗? 哈哈能和小学朋友从逢真的难得耶 ^^

鸟王 said...

以上是我的三个连环表情 哈哈
真是不可思议你记得我 xD
对吖 我从善美那里看到你的link
(你的blog没有chatbox啊~~我只好在这里聊了 xP)

Librainy said...

鸟王: haha just added the cbox... v can chat thru that la...anyway currently studying at inti subang, a-levels.. you? (reply thru cbox la or not it's like misusing the comments)

天使 said...

yor... i oso wan buy le...
hhaa... too short@.@

Librainy said...

天使: hey at least you're taller than me so no complaining!