Saturday, August 30

A list of random stuff


Sometimes I wished I didn't take A-levels and took Business Foundation or AUP (American Programme) instead.

Only A-levels started college one week ahead of the others. Only A levels have to cover topics that I feel will be 80% unused when I get out to work.

Plus, no leng chai in A-levels la.

The closest we got was someone with Zac Efron's hair. *sob

Anyway we celebrated 3 of our classmates' birthdays on tuesday. Behold the August babies:

1. Unna (17th Aug)
2. Teck Hong (16th Aug)
3. Julian (26th Aug)

Happy belated, by the way ^^

Since the b'day cake was to be shared, my classmate Suzanne came up with this (to be written on the cake):

Junna Teck Unna Hong Luna Iuna Anna Nana

Just read according to colour and you'll get it...

But mostly thanks to the staff at Baker's Cottage who actually heeded to our crazy demands :P

Another bit of randomness: (sorry for the blur images; taken from my phone)

Location: Subang Jaya Ktm Station
Time: Around 5.30pm, before train arrived
Destination: From Subang to KL Sentral

This was after the train arrived...

It seemed like almost 70% of the passengers didn't make it.. and the train comes every 20 minutes! Isn't it obvious enough that the train should be more frequent?

Saturday, August 23

Just a Thought

Went to watch Wall-E with parents yesterday night at Sunway Pyramid... complimentary tickets from my dad's company ^^

WALL-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class) has been piling (literally) skyscrapers made out of trash for hundreds of years to clean up the mess made by humans... while us earthlings enjoy life up in a spaceship waiting for the time where earth can finally be inhabited again.

For one thing, the first 45 minutes of the show was practically conversation-free!

But it was enjoyable to see Wall-E scuttling along dirt beaten tracks as he stacks up piles and piles of trash into buildings with his pet cockroach, the only biological living thing left on Earth (this proves how toxic resistant they are! hail cockroaches!)

There was also budding romance between Wall-E and Eve (Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator) which was really sweet to watch :)

There's plenty to learn from this cute little thing:
  1. This movie might not be an exaggeration--Earth could seriously end up like this. So stop right there and pick up that crumpled piece of paper that you just threw into the rubbish bin. Yes, that is how telepathic I am.
  2. We are so often blinded by technology that we fail to appreciate simple things in life. Up in space where humans made their temporary home, humans sat in mobile chairs with a holographic screen right in front of them; Only when Wall-E accidentally deactivates one of the humans' screens that she went "oh I didn't know we had a swimming pool round here!" So when you start going "oh I didn't know my grandparents lived here!" then there's something seriously wrong with you. But don't throw away your high-tech gadgets la. Give them to me :P
  3. Err actually I'm lazy to think already... when I started the post I was still emo-ish but now too alert, cannot write XD
By the way go watch this video:

Matt Harding, a video game developer went around the world in and asked people to dance with him. It was extremely meaningful and I was even on the verge on crying!

But anyway since I'm at it has anyone read The Kite Runner? Absolutely, totally, freaking touching eh? I even cried at the end..*sob* please leave your comments about the book if you have read it ya!

Thursday, August 21

Once a BRAT, always a BRAT

I remembered telling a friend last week that I was going for BRATs camp at Kajang and she was like "what? breast camp? are you all right?" Lol. I nearly laughed my head off... No la... i'm not going to see an oncologist anytime soon...

If you still have no idea what's it about, you can check it out here. Besides it'll also be in next weekend's Star papers in a pullout section--Ole Brats! it'll save me the hassle of strangling you in person :P

On a friendlier (and less murderous) tone, here are some pics to fill you in...

~Our team BRATs Republic (we were split into 4 teams); from left, clockwise: me, Shamini, Zahara, Sue Ann, Samantha, Hui Ee, Stewart, Albert, Chern Yao~

~watching Olympics badminton finals (Datuk) Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan... we rushed to finish our assignments just to catch our Datuk in action... although it was not-too-glorious but it's okay... you still did our country proud ^^~

~From left: Atikah, Wen Jo, me-- with the scenic backdrop of a lake at Kajang Country Heights~

~an avid camwhore who goes by the name Chern Yao and his insatiable yearning for skinny dipping... he's wearing inverted slippers and it's what he calls flippers...~

~me, michelle, esther and wen jo on the last day of camp... missing you guys d le... *sob~

~awh the lovely Laviania! (ooh! alliteration!) miss u too!~

~Our team trying to put ideas together.. but seemed like Hui Ee did most of the writing... thanks so much ya!~

~What would a trip to Kajang be complete without... ~


To me, the highlight of the workshop was getting the opportunity to enter Kajang Prison... it was definitely (and hopefully) a once in a lifetime chance to enter prison... Definitely a relief to be just a visitor!

Ok la, the conditions were not that bad, they even have students sitting for STPM, SPM and those taking Diploma courses... but the feeling of being locked behind bars really gives me chills to the bone... If you're interested remember to check out the pullout in the Star next weekend! (should be saturday or sunday... i forgot which)

Saturday, August 9

Proud to be Chinese ^^

Totally over the latest craze in town... Beijing Olympics 2008~

Check out the "beijing welcomes you" MV if you haven't done so just to get into the Olympic spirit... while i return to reality... gotta study for sem exam!

Good luck to all Malaysian athletes and those who will be having exams!

Tuesday, August 5

Tagged! (when i should b revising chem)

Instructions :Remove one question from below and add in your own question.Then tag 8 people from your list. List them out at the end of the post. Notify them that they have been tagged.

1. At wat age do u wish to marry?
well me getting married in the 1st place would be a miracle.. haha…

2. Will u consider sexual relationship before marriage?
Erm, obviously, no.

3. Do you smoke?

4. What is the latest gadget u own?
iPod mini? (but the old version.. handed down from my sis)

5.Who did u mostly text recently?
Suzanne goh

6. How do u see urself in 10 years?
still as short?

7. What is the latest thing u bought wit ur own money?
present for my dad’s birthday…

8. State 3 people of the opposite sex that first comes to ur mind:-
dad, bro, grandpa? (yes I would like to remain confidential in this context)

9. Who will u mst likely date?
My grandpa… just to piss my grandma off... for fun… haha… ^^

10.Who is the one person you look up to in times of despair?
My friends…. Not anyone specific tho.. depends on the situation

11. How many kids do u want?
wah… never thought of it le…

12. Are u loyal?
hopefully I am….

13. Where is the latest restaurant u had dinner?
Che Go with my parents… my mom’s b’day present was Korean food…

14. What is ur full name?
Yeoh Tze Hui

15. Name the latest book u bought
The Handmaid’s Tale.. but I think it’s getting mouldy cz I haven’t touched my books in like ages…

16. Do u believe in God?
Yup, lurrrve him ^^

17. Do u like ur relatives?
erm… ok la =)

18. Name your favourite game/sport
badminton… although I’m not really good at it…

19. Name the first person that comes to ur mind nw
Goh Suzanne (classmate at Inti)

20. The most exciting place u wanna go

21. Hugs or kisses?
hugs… kisses are too… overrated?

22.Single or attached?

23. Do u do ur laundry?
does the washing machine count?

24. Point out 5 things about the person who tagged u
-not very much taller than me :P

25. What are u craving fr at this moment and hw far would u go to get it?
really full at the moment… had J.Co donuts, laksa by grandma and chocolates all in a day….

I tag:
- Tiffany
- Amelia
- Timmy
- Callie
- Ezen

Friday, August 1

Land, ahoy!

Just fyi I did not go on a crusade to any faraway island in seek of fame and fortune or something like that... just somewhere close to home: Pulau Ketam (it's somewhere near Port Klang if you've never heard of it)

2 cousins of mine from Canada came for vacation and so my mom and I took them for a short trip to get in touch with our more primitive nature (no offense to residents of Pulau Ketam... it really is a nice and cosy place to stay ^^)

~from left: my 2 cousins, my mom, tua ee (hokkien for eldest aunt), her (cute!) grandson~

~wondering why there's a toilet just next to the jetty? see next pic~

~ohh so that's why...~

~oohh! colourful crab sighting~

~ main transportation around the island~

~it's actually a currypuff-shaped pastry with icecream inside... interesting~

~translation from mandarin to english: Chess Research Association of Pulau Ketam... really pro le... get to do research on chess also~

~ermm... a really irrelevant pic... but it's Big Apple Donuts from Subang Parade... we actually told them to cut each donut into 6 pieces so each of us could taste every flavour ^^~