Friday, July 25


Do friends' birthdays mean lots to you, as it does to me? I have no idea from when onwards my friends and I took birthdays pretty seriously besides the usual birthday cake and song, as you can see in the following examples:-

i) For friend A's birthday, we did a really touching (at least I think so) movie clip of individual happy birthday wishes from every class member, happy birthday song that was sung together when my other friend "took her to the toilet", plus some camwhoring pics... and it was put up on the big screen (projector) in class with the lights off... it was oh so romantic!

ii) For friend B's birthday, we blew balloons and filled them up with our wishes to her (they were pieces of paper), so to see the messages she had to pop them... and the funny thing was when we popped some of the balloons at the Inti Subang cafeteria, the uncle working there got a shock and even thought there was an explosion... sorry ah uncle :P

iii) Last but not least, for friend C's birthday we got her the guy she had been liking since primary school to pass the birthday cake to her personally plus give her a birthday present! btw they had been out of contact since form 3 but my friend still liked him... and we managed to find the guy with just 2 pieces of information: his name and his college. Amazing, huh? we couldn't believe it ourselves when we managed to get to him and he was willing to come... one of the most satisfying things that I have ever done in life.. :)

As for the other friends who have upcoming birthdays, we are scheming... and i mean really scheming... don't worry...

Eh. but i'm worried for my birthday le. (which happens to be on 3rd october, fyi...)

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