Monday, August 23

all i want to say now is..

thank you.


suat hoon & teck hong, who have been there so so so so many countless times when I needed you guys, and spending SO much time with me when you guys could be completing your crazy workload and assignments. It really means a lot to me, more than anything words can express. Really. OMG I LOVE YOU GUYS SO SO MUCH T.T T.T

qiuhong and ern chean and chi en and a whole long list of church friends, who have been so so caring and prayed for me countless times and also doing tonnes of stuff to help me settle down in HK.. and for making a home visitation and praying for me too! <3

mom & dad for simply understanding and letting go! I know it must have been really, really hard =(

ah kong ah ma for giving me a packet of HACKS sweets just in case I had sore throat, and reminding me to study hard so I won't be wasting mom and dad's money T.T

sis for coming back from Spore to spend quality time with me. although i did use that weekend to see college and church friends too *guilty*

mama ly bs wy kk cc hl for the farewell card! and for everything else for the past 2 years~~ <3

yenwoon for recording the childhood medley with me and fulfilling one of my wishes before HK

mei jee for simply stopping by my house to say goodbye

chee ling and sin yee and kai han for meeting up for a cuppa

and of course,

to God, who made it all happen. I feel so blessed right now.

Friday, August 20

oh noooooooooo

time's almost up.

Now I'm busy
1. transferring 27.4GB worth of photos and videos (96% of them are college mates-related)
2. finishing Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
3. planning final meet-ups with friends
4. trying to spend more time with parents and grandparents
5. excited over HK end of summer sales *guilty*
6. being just plain emo.

nearly cried over what sh said over the phone yesterday.

*clears throat*

Gotta keep myself together.

Tuesday, August 17


Celebrated teckhong's b'day 2 days ago in Sunway Pyramid. I was the one who planned most of it, and finally the one who got tricked!!!! by mama who told me she was coming back the following weekend T.T so so shocked to suddenly see her emerge from the bottom of the table! the conversation went something like this:-

kaykay: tze hui, when is mama coming back msia again? (she's studying in NUS now)
me: she told me the coming weekend lo...
*suddenly passes her phone to me, with mama on the line*
mama: tze hui!! where are you guys now?
me: at kim gary, sunway lo, why?
mama: i'm also there le!!
me: don't lansok (aka try to say that we have something in common) with me can or not...
mama: *emerges from the bottom of the table* i told you i'm at kim gary what..!!
me: *SHOCKED and grabs beeshuang by the shoulder*

but it was such a glad, glad glad reunion. Thanks mama for coming since you won't be able to make it next weekend which will be officially the last time I see the rest of you guys T.T

 what we do.. all the time. now we can't do it face to face, msn does the job XD
 b'day cake baked by me + suathoon + chaicheen! Chocolate tempation; recipe given by mama (check it out below)
 full attendance!!! and thanks so much for the farewell card.. i NEARLY got emo but stopped myself just in time.. told myself its too early its too early XD
and sis came back from singapore also to see me one last time before I leave for HK.. So blessed to have all of you.. really!!! xoxoxoxoxo <3
Chocolate Temptation
20g chocolate emulco
50g cocoa powder
50g hot water
250g butter
270g castor sugar
2g salt
240g (4nos) egg
250g superfine flour
6g (1tsp) baking powder
2g (1/2 tsp) sodium bicarbonate
Choc ganache
150g dairy whipped cream
150g cooking choc
25g butter
25g glucose syrup

  1. Combine A and mix well.
  2. Beat B until light and fluffy. Add C one at a time and mix well until smooth.
  3. Add A to the mixture and blend to form smooth batter.
  4. Add sieved ingredients D.
  5. Pour batter into 9 inch cake tin (I used 8 inch but it's still ok) . Bake at 180 C 40-45mins. (however, my cake had a HUGE crack on the top after 45 mins and the inside was still quite wet! so my friend suggested I put an aluminum foil on the top throughout the whole process to prevent uneven baking)
  6. Cut the cake into 3 layers and spread the ganache on each layer, and also throughout the exterior of the cake.
Okay!! Gotta go sort things out. Pronto =)

p.s. currently reading Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. final read before HK?

Friday, August 13


today i met up with suathoon and teckhong @ taylors.

and i laughed till i teared and my tummy hurt over some lame joke of asking them to design a jacuzzi that could double up as a steamboat.

am so glad that although people grow old, move apart, lead separate lives, some things in life just don't change.


Wednesday, August 11

oh crap.

'm starting to get the jitters.

did another collage on college mates that i'll develop and probably bring to hk to curb friendsickness T.T

okay teckhong gets the biggest chunk cause that's the nicest pic of us together and our faces are far apart so. that is THE honest answer hehe... XD

oh ya a video on the hall i will be staying in HKU. (RC Lee)

Saturday, August 7

What I have been up to lately XD

Movies movies movies! So long since I've written any reviews o.O

1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
This was pretty awesome! Joel (Jim Carrey--who plays a collected and contemplative character, unlike his roles in other movies) falls in love with Clementine (Kate Winslet--who already lost a lot of weight since Titanic o.O), who is this very impulsive, live-for-the-moment kind of girl. The initial excitement in their relationship finally wears off and Clementine's strong character takes its toll. One day, Joel finds himself talking to Clementine, but she cannot remembers who he is anymore. He eventually finds out there's a company, Lacuna, that specialises in erasing people's unwanted memories. Obviously Clementine had her memory of Joel erased to rid herself of the heartache of them arguing all the time and this was the easiest way out. Soon, Joel, who was heartbroken, decided to undergo the procedure as well and we are brought into Joel's memories and see how they were removed, one by one. Finally, though, Joel backed off halfway through and tried to resist having his memory erased and we see how the truth helped both of them get back on their feet again.

I guess the movie really brings us the message of the importance of memories. How it may bring us pain, but at the same time they shape who were are today. And erasing part of our memory may mean losing part of ourselves too.

2. Toy Story 3
It was rated pretty high in, but I felt it was just okay. I felt that Up was better (I loved the black and white scene at the start; so nostalgic haha) Andy has finally outgrown playing his toys and decides to send them to the attic (and only bring Woody to college.. if it were me I wouldn't even have thought of them actually T.T) but the mom mistakenly brings them to the garbage man and finally they ALL end up in a daycare. There's this evil bear that tricks them to another room in the daycare in which all of the toys end up being physically "toyed" around by kids that don't know how to handle them properly. And finally all of them end up in good hands (a cute girl from the daycare) and the evil bear gets stuck in the front of the garbage truck as decoration XD I think the only part which I laughed out loud was when the Barbie dressed up as Ken and talked to the bookworm and the bookworm discovered that "Ken" was wearing heels which was supposed to give away Barbie, but he simply scoffed (like Ken actually cross-dresses all the time!! haha) Besides that it was just okay.

3. Iron Man
Robert Downey Jr. is HOT!!! For someone his age la. The ironman suit is definitely yeng3! haha =) It was sort of transformer-ish minus Megan Fox but an entertaining movie (yes I haven't watched IM 2. Yet.)

4. Dear John
Quite a soppy Nicholas Sparks adapted movie. If you liked The Notebook, you'll probably enjoy this one too. About a soldier (a hot, expressionless hunk played by Channing Tatum) who meets a girl (lively & humanitarian-type female by Amanda Seyfried; I still can't get over the impression that she's bimbotic ever since I watched Mean Girls! remember that she can predict the weather simply by touching her boobs?? haha) during summer break and they fall in love, but as soon as summer ends, he has to go back and finish 1 or 2 more years of service before he can finally come back and the girl has to go back to college as well. They keep in touch by writing letters to each other (hence the movie title, Dear John) but eventually the girl, tied down by social obligation (she didn't tell John that), decides to marry another guy and John is heartbroken. After many years, they meet again. They are still in love with each other but the timing was all wrong and.. I can't really remember the ending actually XD! But you can watch the movie to kill time la haha

6. Inception
Leonardo Dicaprio's acting skills seem to have gotten better and better throughout the years! So different from his boyish charm in Titanic; now he's like a veteran in the silver screens or something (I like him almost as much as Johnny Depp now. Just almost.) Undoubtedly I felt this was one of the better movies in this year and despite being a little lengthy at parts, it was a fascinating ride! I liked the part when the roads sort of folded into a box so they walked vertically too... No need to give a synopsis for this movie la, it's a MUST watch!! haha =)

7. Ip Man 1 & 2
Not overrated at all! Impressive kung fu scenes and actually got me interested in Ip Man (it was only thru the movie that I discovered that he was Bruce Lee's sifu T.T) and my ex colleagues even got me a biography on Ip Man! Finally it all boils down to the fact that we like to see chinese kung fu help in fighting society's evil and the influence of western culture =)

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Wednesday, August 4

i believe

in eternity. in forever-afters.

In some random conversation yesterday, a friend mentioned that she didn't want to get married, but would like to experience a relationship.

But to me, being in love is not like an inventory in the "things to do before you die" list. Nowadays people change bfs/gfs almost at the same rate of changing their handphones (unless you have an iPhone I think, because then it would be pretty pricey XD) They fall in love, date, lose the feeling, call it quits, change fb status to "single", emo for a couple of months and look for someone new.

There's nothing wrong with the sequence, but won't it get a little tiring once repeated one too many times? Suddenly it loses its value of being precious and hard to find.

Call me idealistic, call me old school, but I believe that love is not a game. It's not something you can just take and put down that easily. I believe that one day, you will find someone that shares your faith, appreciates you for who you are and gets brutally honest with you all the time. Don't believe me? Watch 500 days of summer! Superb superb movie =)

(500) Days of Summer

I also believe, that no matter how many friends you have (in real life or in facebook! haha), it's truly truly important to have friends that will be there for you. On msn, on facebook chat, on the phone, in person. There are the ones that will last for life. No expiry date, and non-disposable ones. My favourites.

Thanks for being there when I needed you guys. And you know who you are. This one's for you <3
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Tuesday, August 3

countdown to a new beginning

just booked my flight to hk. Aug 25th @ 7am by AirAsia.

22 more days to go!





just feeling a teeeeeeensy unprepared.