Monday, August 23

all i want to say now is..

thank you.


suat hoon & teck hong, who have been there so so so so many countless times when I needed you guys, and spending SO much time with me when you guys could be completing your crazy workload and assignments. It really means a lot to me, more than anything words can express. Really. OMG I LOVE YOU GUYS SO SO MUCH T.T T.T

qiuhong and ern chean and chi en and a whole long list of church friends, who have been so so caring and prayed for me countless times and also doing tonnes of stuff to help me settle down in HK.. and for making a home visitation and praying for me too! <3

mom & dad for simply understanding and letting go! I know it must have been really, really hard =(

ah kong ah ma for giving me a packet of HACKS sweets just in case I had sore throat, and reminding me to study hard so I won't be wasting mom and dad's money T.T

sis for coming back from Spore to spend quality time with me. although i did use that weekend to see college and church friends too *guilty*

mama ly bs wy kk cc hl for the farewell card! and for everything else for the past 2 years~~ <3

yenwoon for recording the childhood medley with me and fulfilling one of my wishes before HK

mei jee for simply stopping by my house to say goodbye

chee ling and sin yee and kai han for meeting up for a cuppa

and of course,

to God, who made it all happen. I feel so blessed right now.

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