Saturday, August 7

What I have been up to lately XD

Movies movies movies! So long since I've written any reviews o.O

1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
This was pretty awesome! Joel (Jim Carrey--who plays a collected and contemplative character, unlike his roles in other movies) falls in love with Clementine (Kate Winslet--who already lost a lot of weight since Titanic o.O), who is this very impulsive, live-for-the-moment kind of girl. The initial excitement in their relationship finally wears off and Clementine's strong character takes its toll. One day, Joel finds himself talking to Clementine, but she cannot remembers who he is anymore. He eventually finds out there's a company, Lacuna, that specialises in erasing people's unwanted memories. Obviously Clementine had her memory of Joel erased to rid herself of the heartache of them arguing all the time and this was the easiest way out. Soon, Joel, who was heartbroken, decided to undergo the procedure as well and we are brought into Joel's memories and see how they were removed, one by one. Finally, though, Joel backed off halfway through and tried to resist having his memory erased and we see how the truth helped both of them get back on their feet again.

I guess the movie really brings us the message of the importance of memories. How it may bring us pain, but at the same time they shape who were are today. And erasing part of our memory may mean losing part of ourselves too.

2. Toy Story 3
It was rated pretty high in, but I felt it was just okay. I felt that Up was better (I loved the black and white scene at the start; so nostalgic haha) Andy has finally outgrown playing his toys and decides to send them to the attic (and only bring Woody to college.. if it were me I wouldn't even have thought of them actually T.T) but the mom mistakenly brings them to the garbage man and finally they ALL end up in a daycare. There's this evil bear that tricks them to another room in the daycare in which all of the toys end up being physically "toyed" around by kids that don't know how to handle them properly. And finally all of them end up in good hands (a cute girl from the daycare) and the evil bear gets stuck in the front of the garbage truck as decoration XD I think the only part which I laughed out loud was when the Barbie dressed up as Ken and talked to the bookworm and the bookworm discovered that "Ken" was wearing heels which was supposed to give away Barbie, but he simply scoffed (like Ken actually cross-dresses all the time!! haha) Besides that it was just okay.

3. Iron Man
Robert Downey Jr. is HOT!!! For someone his age la. The ironman suit is definitely yeng3! haha =) It was sort of transformer-ish minus Megan Fox but an entertaining movie (yes I haven't watched IM 2. Yet.)

4. Dear John
Quite a soppy Nicholas Sparks adapted movie. If you liked The Notebook, you'll probably enjoy this one too. About a soldier (a hot, expressionless hunk played by Channing Tatum) who meets a girl (lively & humanitarian-type female by Amanda Seyfried; I still can't get over the impression that she's bimbotic ever since I watched Mean Girls! remember that she can predict the weather simply by touching her boobs?? haha) during summer break and they fall in love, but as soon as summer ends, he has to go back and finish 1 or 2 more years of service before he can finally come back and the girl has to go back to college as well. They keep in touch by writing letters to each other (hence the movie title, Dear John) but eventually the girl, tied down by social obligation (she didn't tell John that), decides to marry another guy and John is heartbroken. After many years, they meet again. They are still in love with each other but the timing was all wrong and.. I can't really remember the ending actually XD! But you can watch the movie to kill time la haha

6. Inception
Leonardo Dicaprio's acting skills seem to have gotten better and better throughout the years! So different from his boyish charm in Titanic; now he's like a veteran in the silver screens or something (I like him almost as much as Johnny Depp now. Just almost.) Undoubtedly I felt this was one of the better movies in this year and despite being a little lengthy at parts, it was a fascinating ride! I liked the part when the roads sort of folded into a box so they walked vertically too... No need to give a synopsis for this movie la, it's a MUST watch!! haha =)

7. Ip Man 1 & 2
Not overrated at all! Impressive kung fu scenes and actually got me interested in Ip Man (it was only thru the movie that I discovered that he was Bruce Lee's sifu T.T) and my ex colleagues even got me a biography on Ip Man! Finally it all boils down to the fact that we like to see chinese kung fu help in fighting society's evil and the influence of western culture =)

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