Tuesday, August 17


Celebrated teckhong's b'day 2 days ago in Sunway Pyramid. I was the one who planned most of it, and finally the one who got tricked!!!! by mama who told me she was coming back the following weekend T.T so so shocked to suddenly see her emerge from the bottom of the table! the conversation went something like this:-

kaykay: tze hui, when is mama coming back msia again? (she's studying in NUS now)
me: she told me the coming weekend lo...
*suddenly passes her phone to me, with mama on the line*
mama: tze hui!! where are you guys now?
me: at kim gary, sunway lo, why?
mama: i'm also there le!!
me: don't lansok (aka try to say that we have something in common) with me can or not...
mama: *emerges from the bottom of the table* i told you i'm at kim gary what..!!
me: *SHOCKED and grabs beeshuang by the shoulder*

but it was such a glad, glad glad reunion. Thanks mama for coming since you won't be able to make it next weekend which will be officially the last time I see the rest of you guys T.T

 what we do.. all the time. now we can't do it face to face, msn does the job XD
 b'day cake baked by me + suathoon + chaicheen! Chocolate tempation; recipe given by mama (check it out below)
 full attendance!!! and thanks so much for the farewell card.. i NEARLY got emo but stopped myself just in time.. told myself its too early its too early XD
and sis came back from singapore also to see me one last time before I leave for HK.. So blessed to have all of you.. really!!! xoxoxoxoxo <3
Chocolate Temptation
20g chocolate emulco
50g cocoa powder
50g hot water
250g butter
270g castor sugar
2g salt
240g (4nos) egg
250g superfine flour
6g (1tsp) baking powder
2g (1/2 tsp) sodium bicarbonate
Choc ganache
150g dairy whipped cream
150g cooking choc
25g butter
25g glucose syrup

  1. Combine A and mix well.
  2. Beat B until light and fluffy. Add C one at a time and mix well until smooth.
  3. Add A to the mixture and blend to form smooth batter.
  4. Add sieved ingredients D.
  5. Pour batter into 9 inch cake tin (I used 8 inch but it's still ok) . Bake at 180 C 40-45mins. (however, my cake had a HUGE crack on the top after 45 mins and the inside was still quite wet! so my friend suggested I put an aluminum foil on the top throughout the whole process to prevent uneven baking)
  6. Cut the cake into 3 layers and spread the ganache on each layer, and also throughout the exterior of the cake.
Okay!! Gotta go sort things out. Pronto =)

p.s. currently reading Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. final read before HK?


michzfern said...

Hi there!! going to HK soon?
when o? wanna meet you at least once before you leave.
We havent seen for long since years back..haha

Tze Hui said...

yayaya we should!!! together with yenwoon la ok? when will u b free? i'm leaving next wed 7am flight, and i think i won't be going out that much next week too.. gotta spend time with family =)