Tuesday, January 26

Rumusan of the month

Update of events over the past month:

  • Primary school gathering at AEON Bkt Tinggi-- consisting of only 8 members, but still a pleasant get-together :)

Dinner at Manhattan Fish Market--costing about RM 28 per person o.O

Long time no see! Esp Yew Jeen who disappeared after Form 5 (2nd from left on top row)
  • Met up with Cheeling on 23rd Jan to celebrate her 20th b'day! Dinner @ Kenny Roger's and watched the movie 大日子 Woohoo! (local production I think; actors including MY fm deejays etc; not bad! really funny at times)
  •  Got my A2 results just yesterday; 4A's! Glad but don't know what to do with it; only left with the choice of waiting for offer letters (if any) T.T
Sorry la tired again today.. Will probably update my work in kindergarten on a weekend :)


Sunday, January 24



A2 results out tomorrow at 10am!

More updates soon, no mood at the moment. Reading The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. Regretted watching the on screen adaptation first 'cause the actors' faces are now imprinted in my brain cells

Reading is my one and only escape.

Monday, January 18

PPS Marathon

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince album coverImage via Wikipedia
Been watching a great deal of movies on PPS lately!

1. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
It was okay, but the visual effects were really impressive compared to its previous sequels. Ron is his usual comical self though Harry's (Daniel Radcliffe) acting is still a little stiff o.O

2. Star Trek

Chris Pine is oh-so-charismatic! Plus I've always loved Zachary Quinto from the Heroes series. He plays Spock in the movie. It received really really good reviews but then again I'm not really a sci-fi person

3. The Lovely Bones (adapted from the novel by Alice Sebold)

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - NOVEMBER 24: (EMBARGO...Image by Getty Images via Daylife
I liked this movie! Apparently fans of the novel were let down, though it was directed by none other than the famed Peter Jackson. Fell in love with Saoirse Ronan (you might've seen her from Atonement). There's this intelligent, ethereal glow about her. Definitely an up-and-coming actress!

4. Up In the Air
A pretty heavy movie for me, since it's about the recession problem in the US. But it also deals with relationship problems, how people nowadays prefer "casual" relationships and not willing to settle down that much. A really realistic approach to the topic and honestly the 1st time I've seen a George Clooney movie!

Okay more updates soon :)
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Saturday, January 16

In a muddle

Whoa my previous post was actually fully in Mandarin! Since the whole study tour is catered mainly for chinese-eds, plus the post might easily be spotted if people do a Google search for the tour^^

Days have become so so much shorter ever since work began. And I haven't finished writing my personal 21-day trip diary for future reference, and write my Uni of HK personal statement (omg another headache) and finish watching The Little Nyonya on PPS. And start reading novels again. And and and the neverending wait for UK unis to gimme a reply.

A2 results out on 25th Jan! Which is next monday... *shivers*

Another Adam Lambert video! At least not as sleazy as the For Your Entertainment video. Gosh, if only he were straight...

Friday, January 15

2009 马来西亚华裔青年台湾观摩团

21天,需缴行程费用RM 2300 + 7000台币(大约等于RM 700),费用已包涵宿食,飞

第一天大家会先在KL集合,并住在KL一晚 (我们今年住Ancasa Hotel, 靠近puduraya的
) 我是第一车的,我们队里有35人,包括组队长。不过在台湾,大多数都住青年活
动中心,都是超舒服,超美的,又不必争厕所,爽死了!! haha

在台北的"家"--剑潭青年活动中心,6人一房,我们的房是有double decker,4个在
下面,两个在上面。。。有些人的是6 张床排一排。厕所是一间,不过里面有分隔

(剑潭站),而且也很靠近士林夜市,所以自由日那两天大家都逛到疯了 XD

1. 以超值价格走完台湾!我最喜爱的几个景点/活动~


(台北)忠烈祠的卫兵交接。。。我们看了三次的卫兵交接,只是觉得是个Taiwan must-see

快又冲回巴士了 T。T




垦丁国家公园。我们在那里拍了好多写真集哦! 哈哈可能因为有风有树有草吧 ^^



九族文化村。它是介绍台湾原住民的文化区 + 游乐园! 可惜时间不够,图画里是很
多人去的roller coaster,双脚是悬空的,有点像云顶的flying coaster,不过我
不敢坐 o.O

2.  吃不完的美食
几乎每个景点附近一定会卖香肠和雪糕,不知道为什么! 不过最多美食的当然是士林
夜市啦 :)


try的啦 ^^


水果!! 真的很好吃,尤其是释迦 ^^





葱抓饼。很像roti canai

3. 可以狂购物!
以买到RM40左右的,可以穿上云顶呀 ^^

很多人狂扫mask (我的美丽日记 & sexylook)--去COSMED康是美买。化妆品也可以在那里买。。我的朋友买了6只BB Cream 叻。还有NIKE鞋。。

4. 体验难得的团队生活







以这真的是个很不错的经验! 想要知道更多可以在这里post comment 的 ^^

Sunday, January 10

I'm such a slacker.

Seriously. I wish I could compartmentalize all my thoughts, feelings into different sections, because I really don't know where to start.
  • Taiwan was fun fun fun! Shopping was great, (maybe my next post will be a proper recommendation of places to go in taiwan) the friends I've made were awesome and so enthusiastic! Plus the food, OMG. If I didn't practice self control I'd be so obese by now T.T
  • I've not been reading books lately, I feel so empty and hopeless. What is my problem?
  • Worked as a kindergarten helper for a week now. The work's not bad, but taking care of kids can sometimes be pretty physically taxing as well, since you still have to keep an eye on them 24/7. But then again they can surprise you with their cuteness! ^^
  • Just came back from edu fair in KLCC. Now considering unis that have never crossed my mind! Haha time for more research =)
There are two things I dearly miss right now, which is 1) Taiwan 2) College. I wish I could do it over and over and over again. No wonder kids like merry go rounds ^^

Off to look for movies on PPS! Hopefully it'll get my mind off all unimportant worldly matters o.O

Sunday, January 3


It's like I've crawled into a narrow, dark cave, and decided to stay there. Like forever. Simply listening to the sound of water trickling above my head, the dampness of the cold air. And feeling utterly content just where I am.

Okay I got a little weirder after my Taiwan trip right? Must be due to the fact that I didn't get a Nike shoe! T.T Initially wasn't planning to get one but after spotting uber cool Nike gear from my other teammates I got super emo wei. T.T again.

In case you haven't seen the Taiwan pics on Facebook, here's the link:
--> Taiwan KMT 2009 (Part 1) 
--> Taiwan KMT 2009 (Part 2)

Anyway want to say that this trip was TOTALLY worth it! (Tho I didn't get my Nike shoe.Sobs) Not just shopping wise, not just the scenery & fun stuff to do etc, but also the feeling of togetherness, esp with my group (Car 1) and also with my roomies (which sometimes consisted of people from Car 2 & Car 3). The longer & more teary-eyed post will come next I guess, not really in the mood today :)

FYI: There were a total of 9 cars/groups. My group had 35 members, including the Team Leader & Asst Team Leaders.

Going to start work as a kindergarten helper starting tomorrow! *shivers* &&& I figured that facebook really does its job of connecting people! Serious. I shall tell my facebook experience on this blog. One day la when I'm free & super inspired.

Off to eat cup noodles bought back from Taiwan! Ciaoz ^^