Monday, January 18

PPS Marathon

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Been watching a great deal of movies on PPS lately!

1. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
It was okay, but the visual effects were really impressive compared to its previous sequels. Ron is his usual comical self though Harry's (Daniel Radcliffe) acting is still a little stiff o.O

2. Star Trek

Chris Pine is oh-so-charismatic! Plus I've always loved Zachary Quinto from the Heroes series. He plays Spock in the movie. It received really really good reviews but then again I'm not really a sci-fi person

3. The Lovely Bones (adapted from the novel by Alice Sebold)

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I liked this movie! Apparently fans of the novel were let down, though it was directed by none other than the famed Peter Jackson. Fell in love with Saoirse Ronan (you might've seen her from Atonement). There's this intelligent, ethereal glow about her. Definitely an up-and-coming actress!

4. Up In the Air
A pretty heavy movie for me, since it's about the recession problem in the US. But it also deals with relationship problems, how people nowadays prefer "casual" relationships and not willing to settle down that much. A really realistic approach to the topic and honestly the 1st time I've seen a George Clooney movie!

Okay more updates soon :)
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