Sunday, January 3


It's like I've crawled into a narrow, dark cave, and decided to stay there. Like forever. Simply listening to the sound of water trickling above my head, the dampness of the cold air. And feeling utterly content just where I am.

Okay I got a little weirder after my Taiwan trip right? Must be due to the fact that I didn't get a Nike shoe! T.T Initially wasn't planning to get one but after spotting uber cool Nike gear from my other teammates I got super emo wei. T.T again.

In case you haven't seen the Taiwan pics on Facebook, here's the link:
--> Taiwan KMT 2009 (Part 1) 
--> Taiwan KMT 2009 (Part 2)

Anyway want to say that this trip was TOTALLY worth it! (Tho I didn't get my Nike shoe.Sobs) Not just shopping wise, not just the scenery & fun stuff to do etc, but also the feeling of togetherness, esp with my group (Car 1) and also with my roomies (which sometimes consisted of people from Car 2 & Car 3). The longer & more teary-eyed post will come next I guess, not really in the mood today :)

FYI: There were a total of 9 cars/groups. My group had 35 members, including the Team Leader & Asst Team Leaders.

Going to start work as a kindergarten helper starting tomorrow! *shivers* &&& I figured that facebook really does its job of connecting people! Serious. I shall tell my facebook experience on this blog. One day la when I'm free & super inspired.

Off to eat cup noodles bought back from Taiwan! Ciaoz ^^

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Justin Cheong said...

Be a kindergarten helper??? Serious.. Hope you enjoy your precious moments with those cute little kids.. HAHA:)