Tuesday, January 26

Rumusan of the month

Update of events over the past month:

  • Primary school gathering at AEON Bkt Tinggi-- consisting of only 8 members, but still a pleasant get-together :)

Dinner at Manhattan Fish Market--costing about RM 28 per person o.O

Long time no see! Esp Yew Jeen who disappeared after Form 5 (2nd from left on top row)
  • Met up with Cheeling on 23rd Jan to celebrate her 20th b'day! Dinner @ Kenny Roger's and watched the movie 大日子 Woohoo! (local production I think; actors including MY fm deejays etc; not bad! really funny at times)
  •  Got my A2 results just yesterday; 4A's! Glad but don't know what to do with it; only left with the choice of waiting for offer letters (if any) T.T
Sorry la tired again today.. Will probably update my work in kindergarten on a weekend :)


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