Wednesday, December 9

This is NOT a will.

Off to Taiwan trip tomorrow afternoon..and realised I'll be disconnected from the virtual world for 3 whopping weeks! No Facebook, no blogging, no PPS (and I'm only halfway through The Little Nyonya! T.T) no sogou.


Okay I don't know why but I can't seem to find something proper, conclusive to write right now. Anyway will be praying that it will be a fulfilling and worthwhile (plus constipation-free) trip! & make more friends & shop (wisely!) & take nice nice pics (that's all we do nowadays. take pics to upload onto facebook. what a substantial life.)

My thoughts are still a little scrambled at the moment but if there's anything important please email me, don't call my handphone, will be using another number.

Thank you and let me wish you guys beforehand:
Merry X'mas and a Happy New Year!!! ^^

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oboeä»” said...

hi! tze hui~i am kang ying~
back from taiwan larh...miss u so much arh~